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Wencon UW Products Test by diving company

Wencon UW Products tested by diving company Dew point is important when working with epoxy based products. For most of … Read more

RMN Awarded for Wencon Fleet Order

RMN awarded for a Wencon Fleet Order RMN received a PO for delivery of 21 Wencon Repair Kits. The order … Read more

Wencon Scrubber Pipe Repair Kits

Wencon GRE / GRP Scrubber Pipe / Ballast Pipe Repair Kits RMN received this week again a PO from a … Read more

Wencon Custom Made Repair Kit

Wencon Custom Made Repair Kits for a Dutch Shipping Company RMN can supply special custom made Wencon Repair Kits. The … Read more

Wencon Scrubber Wash Water Protection

WENCON SCRUBBER WASH WATER PROTECTION AND REPAIR SOLUTIONS Following the IMO 2020 Global Sulphur cap regulations, shipowners around the world, … Read more