Wencon Repair Neeltje Jans by TM Service

Cooperation Tender & Marine Service and RMN

Tender & Marine Service is a frequent user of Wencon Products and Doowin Products and build up a good cooperation with RMN over the years.  At the Binnenhaven Marina Neeltje Jans was one of the floating piers leaking and sunk to the bottom. Tender & Marine Service used a couple of Doowing air lift bags to refloat the entire structure. After this first step their diver inspected the underwater construction to make a repair plan. The steel float was corroded and via a hole the structure was filled with seawater. The diver used Wencon underwater products, Wencon UW Cream to glue in a steel plate and closed the pipe section. With Wencon UW Coating the entire repair was sealed. The water was pumped out of the floating construction and after 24 hours (water temperature around 7 degrees C) the diver made an inspection. All was cured and repair was a success. The Air Lift Bags could be removed and the entire pier was floating as before.

This is one of the many applications the Tender & Marine Service is capable to carry out. The company is also used a lot for removal of oil spill (where they use the Swiss Solutions Absorbents) and salvage of sunken yachts, houseboats or cars which accidently disappear under water.

A team of Tender & Marine¬† Service certified divers and fast rescue boats are 24 hours a day ready to act in case it’s needed. Emergency number: +31 (0)6-24921763