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RMN Newsletter Summer 2023

RMN Newsletter Summer 2023 edition Which topics are in this newsletter: 1) Wencon butterfly repairs, even with pressure test and … Read more

Scrubber discharge pipe problems solved with Wencon

Wencon Protective Coating Systems for steel scrubber discharge pipe pieces These day’s thousands of different seagoing vessel operate with an … Read more

Wencon Bow Thruster Repair

Bow Thruster housing repair with Wencon Ceramic Cream A common problem on bow thruster housings is bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion. Wencon … Read more

Valve overhaul with Wencon

Valve overhaul & Wencon Ceramics Wencon Ceramic Cream and Wencon Ceramic Coating are highly useful for rebuilding and protecting butterfly … Read more

Wencon RMN Shipping News November 2015

Wencon RMN Shipping News 11-2015 New shipping news is available. Download now the PDF versionĀ  Discover the adhesion figures of … Read more