Atex & Titanium Safety Tools

ATEX Lifting Equipment

ATEX hoists and Hoist trolleys hoists. The ATEX hoists and Trolleys are suitable for application purposes in potentially explosive environments. They are certified for Zone 1 & 2 and  21 & 22.

Ega Master, Non Sparking Tools, Acetylex Tools, Titanium Tools, ESD Tools, VDE Tools, Safety Tools

Manufacturer of top quality Non-Sparking tools and other Safety Tools for application purposes in potentially explosive environments. Certified by the prestigious German Federal Institute for Materials Reseach and Testing (BAM), which is a European Union approved laboratory to certify according to 94/9/EG Directive (ATEX). See certificate Beryllium-Copper Tools and certificate Aluminium-Bronze Tools.


What do customers around the world say about Ega Master Tools??

A wide range of Non-Sparking Tools in Aluminium-Bronze and in Beryllium Copper. All approved and certified by the BAM Institute.

Especially for safe working in Acethylene environments, Ega Master developed a range with ACETILEX tools.

Also a complete range with NON-MAGNETIC Titanium tools is been developed by Ega Master with the help of the most advanced technology. They are manufactured in Titanium Alloy, 6AI-4V, which have been used in the most innovative and advanced fields, such as aviation, military and aerospace applications. The tools are certified according to international IEC EN 60900 standard (ASTM-1505) and certified by the BAM Institute.

Ega Master 1000V insulated Non-Sparking Safety Tools. Certain working areas show 2 different health and safety risks: they show voltage tension, while the environment may have an explosive agent present (such as gases or dusts). Such areas may appear in: manufacturing of batteries, battery repair and maintenance, electrical maintenance in ATEX areas.

Notrax Safety Matting. ESD Safety matting available as roll and as tiles.