Garbage Containers

RMN offers a complete range of  Garbage bins and Garbage Containers.

Wheeled Garbage Containers KLIKO. To collect all types of waste there is a range of wheeled garbage containers (the Kliko) in 7 different colours and 3 different capacities, 120, 240 and 360 liter. Galvanized steel garbage bins and containers are especially for industrial workshops where oily rags etc. must be removed. Together with the special Oil resistant waste bags it is easy to prevent environmental damage. Capacities are 35, 70, 90 and 110 liter and a 2-wheel 240 liter container and a 770 and 1.100 liter 4-wheel container. Garbage Collectors made from powder coated sheet metal in different colours for waste dividing. Capacity 70 liter with an easy access to exchange the full waste bag. Carro Kick Garbage systems are from extremely high quality and the range contains Pedal  Bins, Mobile Pedal Bins, Push Bins, Swing Top Bins. They are made from powder coated aluminium or stainless steel and meets the HACCP regulations. The bins can be equipped with an fire retardant inner liner made from aluminium which kept the bag good inside and neatly out of side. Also insert are available for paper or plastic coffee cups. Robust heavy duty industial waste bins made from powder coated steel or matted stainless steel available in 27, 45, 90 and 110 liter capacity. The bins have a soft close lid, the bag holder is from stainless steel and the bins are made according to the HACCP regulations. Connector Bin HACCP, A Fireproof recycling module with pedal made from aluminium. The sloping lid prevents something put on it. Equipped with clamping system for silent closing of the lid. Sturdy door and waste bag holder on rail system ensure that the waste bag can easily be changed within health and safety regulations. Two wheels at the rear also serve as wall spacers. The bins can be used separate or linked together with a special accessory. The Rubbermaid Step-On Container is a heavy duty container with a silent step on. The bin is available in 45 and 68.1 liter capacity. Also from Rubbermaid are the rectangular plastic waste bins which can be optional equipped with detachable dividers and a swing top  lid. Classic round waste bins. A range of waste bins for offices, kitchens, sanitairy or domestic use. High end material use and nice looking finish to meet the requirements of those environments.  Capacities from 3 up to 50 liter.



Garbage Bags

For all garbage bins we offer the right garbage bags. See datasheet.

Garbage bin signs and other accessories