Brooms, Paint brushes and Floormatting

RMN Painting equipment

RMN offers a range of paint brushes, paint rollers, putty knives etc. for all kind of maintenance jobs in industry and  marine & offshore.


Brooms and Brushes  

RMN offers a wide range of cleaning equipment. Brooms, squeegees, wet mops, window wipers, deck scrubbing brushes etc. A part of the range is from manufacturer Nedac Sorbo Vero. The Vero brushes are of supreme quality.



To prevent having dirt and moisture inside buildings and vessels we offer a complete range of floormatting. Different fabrics for all kind of applications and dirt. Standard door- and floor mats but also high end products from manufacturer NOTRAX. Special heavy duty mats for industrial applications and Electrical Insulating EPDM mats for use in switchboard rooms to prevent an electrical shock. Special mats for oily industrial environments with a replaceable oil sorbent top.