Malleable Fittings and Couplings

Storz Couplings

Available in light weight metal Aluminum and in brass. For common use with water hoses, fire hoses and deck wash hoses. Available with hose connection, female (BSP) thread, male (BSP) thread, end caps and spare parts.

Storz koppeling male brass

Camlock cam and groove couplings

For all kind of applications. Available in light weight Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel AISI316 and Polypropylene. Different materials for different applications.

Camlock C Stainless

Camlock B Polyprop







Lüdecke couplings

Standard Lüdecke claw couplings, Safety claw couplings and the new Mody safety claw couplings for compressed air hoses.

Luchtklauwkoppeling uitw draad

Ludecke Mody koppeling met veiligheidsrand tule







Parker Rectus Couplings

Parker Rectus quick connector couplings for compressed air applications. Standard on stock in EURO connection.

Rectus 26KEAW Eruo profiel

Air Guns and recoils

Rectus air guns for cleaning applications. Recoils in materials PU and PA several diameters and lengths.


Air regulators, lubricators and filters

Complete air treatment units for compressed air with different flow rates. Separate pressure regulators, lubricators and filters. Soft Start Valves and 3/2 Shut Off Valves for extra safetyfor men and machine.

Gardena Couplings

Water couplings from Gardena. The most easy quick connectors for water hoses. Not only for domestic use but also for industrial applications.

Gardena 8169-09 snelkoppeling met waterstop

Gardena 8101-04 Straalpistool


Geka Water Couplings

Standard Geka Claw couplings for industrial applications. For use with water hoses. Available with Hose connection, Female (BSP) thread, Male (BSP) thread, End Caps and spare parts.

Geka dop

Geka tule



 Malleable fittings

Material GGY malleable cast iron, galvanized. For all kind of applications with a pressure up to 25 Bar at a maximum temperature of 120ºC, with BSP / BSPT thread.

Malleabele type 130

Malleabele type 280




Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel AISI316L fittings,  low pressure 10 Bar at -20 till +290ºC, with BSP / BSPT thread.

Fitting RVS type 241

Fitting RVS type 340 las draad



Brass Fittings

Standard Brass fitting materials with BSP / BSPT thread.

Tee 130 brass

Male adapter unequal 245 brass


Brass Compression Fittings

For us with central heating, compressed air, hydraulic, and other non aggresive media. Useful for copper, brass, steel and aluminium pipes and tubes.

Compression fitting TEE 2xtube + male side Brass

Compression fitting male stud BSP + ring


Brass Plumbing Compression fittings Kiwa

For Sanitairy, Central heating and floor heating, gas, oil, compressed air and potable water. Temperature range: -40°C up to +130°C.

Kiwa Tee pipe

Kiwa wall mount tap holder


Malleable Iron Pipe Nipples

Pipe Fittings with both sides BSP Male thread according to DIN 2982 and available in black steel and galvanized steel. Lengths up to 300mm.

Pijpnippel verzinkt kort

Pijpnippel zwart kort



Welding Flanges

Weld Neck Flanges (DIN 2633, steel C22.8), Slip-On Flanges  (Steel 37,2 according to EN1092-1 DIN 2576), Blind Flanges (Steel 37 according to EN1092-5 DIN 2527), Flange gaskets in Non Asbestos material and NBR rubber. Standard pressures 10 and 16 Bar. Other types and pressures on request available.

Voorlasflens DIN2633

Vlakke lasflens DIN2576

Blindflens DIN2527


Butt Welding fittings

Butt welding elbows 45°, 90º, 180º ordinairy steel, SCHED40 and SCHED80 for high pressure. End caps, Tee’s, Sockets and Reducers.

Lasbocht 45 gr

Pressure Gauges

With steel and stainless steel casings. Many different connections, diameters, pressure ranges and standard types and glycerine filled types.

Manometer 50 mm onder

Manometer RVS 63 glyc onder







Straub and Norma couplings

Pipe connection and repair couplings all approved by the class society. Standard with NBR liner resistant against water, oil, fuel and hydrocarbons.

Norma FGR_Rep_E repair clamp