We offer tools from the following manufacturers:


EgaMaster, one of the most innovative manufacturers of tools in Europe. The company is based in Spain. Many well known oil and gas companies are using the high quality EgaMaster tools, other users are: mining, automotive, armed forced (NATO etc), aviation, engineering etc. For an overview of users see this link to the EgaMaster website.  For the Safety Tools see our chapter Atex & Titanium Tools.

Ega Master Range of Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches


Bahco Range of Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches

Bahco as first class tool manufacturer offers a wide range of Pipe Tools. Also well known are it’s Ergonomic Tools especially designed for the most demanding professional.

Bolt Cutter Ega Master 

A range with perfectly designed and manufactured bolt cutters for cutting rods, bolts and concrete from ties.  Cutting blades made in Chrome-Molibdenum, providing a bigger resistance and durability due to their 62 HRC hardness.

Ega Master Socket Wrenches and Socket Wrench Sets

A complete range of socket wrenches in connections of 1/4″- 3/8″ – 1/2″ – 3/4″ -1″ in METRIC and INCH sizes. Wide choice of Socket Wrench Sets.

Ega Master Spanners

Combination wrenches, combination ratchet wrenches with an unique innovative box drive allows to tighten multiple nut heads such as Spherical, 6-point , 12 point , Square and E-torx, as well as with 50% rounded off nuts. Flare nut wrenches etc.

Gedore Spanners 

Open end Spanners, combination spanners, combination ratched spanners, double end ring spanners, adjustable wrenches etc.


Ega Master Torque Tools

For controlled tightening the right tools are extremely important. Ega Master offers a wide range of this type of tools. The latest technique is used for the digital torque tools, with data communication.

Wera Torque Tools

Available as Wera Click-Torque adjustable Torque wrenches with reversible ratchet and Wera Click-Torque Push R/L adjustable torque wrench. Socket square connections of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″  to achieve torque ranges from 2,5 up to 1.000 Nm. The range can be found on page 6 & 7 of the PDF.


Adjustable wrenches  Bahco

Bahco first class adjustable spanners, Extreme high quality and well known for the most demanding professional user.


Adjustable wrenches Ega Master

Manufacturer Ega Master offers a wide range of adjustable wrenches. Also available as 1.000V insulated, construction wrench and the unique patented quick release wrench to have a adjustable wrench and a waterpump plier in one tool.



RMN offerd a wide range of screwdrivers from manufacturers Ega Master, Bahco and Gedore. Withing the Ega Master range of tools there is a complete range with Anti-Drop Screwdrivers for safe working at heights. Also offers Ega Master Non-Sparking screwdrivers, 1000V insulated screwdrivers, stainless steel screwdrivers, titanium screwdrivers and ESD Safe screwdrivers.


Allen keys  for socket head screws available with hexagon drive in Metric and Imperial sizes, Torx and Star. Available in L-shape short or long with a ball head for easier screwing in hard to reach places. Also available in T-grip type.  Bondhus is producing many type according to the highest standard. If you need top quality Allen Keys, take a Bondhus.

Wera Be a Tool Rebel

Wera Tools from Germany, manufacturer of top quality hand tools. Available tools are; stainless steel tools, screwdrivers, ratchets, L-key’s, torque tools etc. The Zyklop Ratchet is a fatastic tool and is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award. This ratchet is unbelievably fast and incredibily flexible, fine toothed with aflexible head and quick release button of fast and easy socket change. The Wera Koloss is a ratchet which can also be used as a hammer. The tool is incredible robust.

Peddinghaus handtools from Germany. The toughest hammers for each job. Available with wooden handles or the Ultratec fiberglass reinforced handles. Ega Master specialized in safety tools offers non-sparking hammers, anti-drop hammers and standard hammers.
Pferd is the oldest manufacturer of hand files in Europe. The company is specialized in grinding, cutting, sanding etc. Since many years Pferd is not only manufacturer of small hand tools, also a complete range of pneumatic and electrical tools are available.

Bahco Pneumatic Handtools

Bahco offers a complete range of pneumatic handtools. This product range is developed for heavy duty applications in Marine, Offshore, Heavy Industry, Automotive and car manufacturing. To be an One-Stop supplier  the pneumatic tool range is completed with all kind of accessories such as sockets etc.

Bessey clamps

Bessey and Erdi, one company with tools of the highest quality. Specialized in steel clamping  and sheet steel cutting a complete range is available. Everone knows the Bessey Steel Screw Clamps and the Erdi Cutting snipes and shears. Tools with a long lifetime.

Erdi shears 

Part of the Bessey company, offering a complete range of metal shears.

Stanley Tools 

Stanley Tools. Well know for the Stanley Knives. Also a complete range of tool boxes and measuring tools is available.

Ega Master Pliers

Ega Master offers a wide range of pliers for all kind of applications. A special range are the Anti-Drop Pliers for safe working on heights, a range with Non-Sparking pliers, ESD Safe pliers, 1000V insulated pliers, Titanium pliers and stainless steel pliers.

Ega Master VDE 1000V Electrician Tools

The range of Ega Master VDE 1000V insulated tools comply to IEC 60900 and are tested at 10.000V which is 10 times higher than the certification. The Titacrom® finish is a patented anti rust, non peel off, non reflective attractive finish.

Ega Master ESD Tools

 Ega Master ESD products dispose electrostatic energy in a safe and controlled way for the user and the electric components. The tools comply to ISO-DIN-9655 UNE-16544.

Knipex handtools

Knipex, the plier company. Top quality pliers for each job. For the most demanding electrical engineer, Knipex offers a special line with top quality tools.


Knipex VDE 1000V tools for electricians

Knipex offers an extreme large range of 1000V insulated tools comply to IEC 60900, EN 60900 and DIN ISO 5746. All tools are specifically designed and produced for professionals to use in the most demanding electrical applications. The range consist of pliers, shears, screwdrivers, cable cutters and complete tool kits. Each individual tool is VDE-tested. Beside the tools with multi-component grips there are also tools available with dipped insulation.


Bahco VDE 1000V tools for electricians

Bahco offers an enormously large range of tools for the most demanding professional. A part of the range are the VDE 1000V insulated tools according to IEC 60900.


Rotec, Lignum and Bahco Hacksaws and handsaws 

Hacksaw frames from Bahco and Rotec. Both with soft grip Ergo handles and a high adjustable saw blade tension. Handsaws from manufacturer Lignum.


Rotec Firmer chisels 

Firmer chisels for the wood worker with a standard wooden handle or with a soft grip composite handle. Separarate or as set available in wooden box.


Chisels and Punches

Chisels and punches made in Germany with a high standard. Available in many sizes and as tool sets.


Crowbars, construction ratchets and pyrbars 


Blind Rivet Tools and Crimp nut tools 

Complete range of blind rivet tools, hand rivet pliers, pneumatic rivet pliers and cordless powerfull rivet pliers. Crimp nut pliers also in the same range. Manufacturers Gesipa and POP. Especially for the service engineer we offer assortments with a professional hand plier. IMPA 61 52 30 is a handy professional hand riveter tool, IMPA 61 52 31 is a heavy duty bellow type riveter tool. IMPA 61 52 33 is an engineers small riveter kit complete with rivets and plier. IMPA 61 52 51 is a Pneumatic Riveter especially designed for large jobs.

The Gesipa FireBird Pro is an extremely powerful cordless nut crimping tool. Electronically adjustment of the stroke is visible on the LED illuminated display. It mounts approx. 800 pieces M6 nuts on one battery charge. Supplied with accessories for crimping M4, M5 and M6 crimping nuts.


Bench Vices  

Heavy Duty Bench Vices from Ega Master, Gedore and Heuer and small mobile vices from Stanley

Ega Master Hollow Punches

High performance hollow punches as set and separate dimensions available.