We offer flashlights made by the following manufacturers: Scangrip, Streamlight, Peli Light, Adaro


Know for its high quality LED work lights and flash lights. SCANGRIP is Europe’s leading and trendsetting supplier of work lighting solutions for professionals. SCANGRIP is first-mover and is always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights.

Peli Flashlights

Peli the expert in ATEX flashlights. Since 1976 Peli Products has manufactured ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEMS with the highest Safety Certifications. Constantly innovating and always exceeding expectations, Peli is engineered for life. Choice of Rechargeable and non rechargeable flashlights and headlights for normal industrial use and for Hazardous Areas certified for Zone 0 and Zone 1.



Streamlight, the professional handlamp / flashlight for marine, offshore and industrial applications. Firefighters all over the world are using the Streamlight flashlights for there safety. Also been used by hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Streamlight is reconized around the world as the leading provider of premium portable lighting solutions. Flashlights are available for use with standard batteries and with rechargeable batteries. The latest technology of LED is used in the Streamlight Polystinger flashlights. C4LED for more light and longer lifetime of the lightsource. Dual switch technology makes it more easy to switch on/off in difficult conditions and narrow spaces. Also a big variety of flashlights are available with an ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 1 approval.


ScanGrip standard Flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights with sturdy high quality aluminium housing. Adjustable focus.


Adaro Adalit Torches ATEX Zone 0

Special safety lamps with ATEX Zone 0 approval and connection for safety helmets and connection to Fire Fighter helmets. Adalit L-10. The First rechargeable safety torch specifically designed for firefighter helmets with an exclusive user location system by means of a flashing and moveable red LED on the side of the torch


Streamlight Headlights ATEX Zone 0 and NON-ATEX

A range of high quality headlights for industrial use and for ATEX areas in Zone 0 and Zone 1. Comfort strap for ideal fit on head or helmet.


Streamlight Haz-Lo          Streamlight Trident Haz-Lo   Streamlight Protac HL  LED

Petzl Headlights

Petzl LED headlamp used by professionals. Also avialable for Atex Zone 2/22 applications.


Petzl Pixa 2                                                         Petzl Pixa 3

Scangrip Headlights

Rechargeable headlights with an uique Wide View which is a big benefit for each service engineer. Also available with touchless on/off switch as the I-View, an ATEX Version for Zone 1/21 & 2/22 and a special night I-View with a red and a white LED to switch over to Red Light in dark areas.


Bright Star

Quality flashlights used in many applications. Available in normal flashlights, watertight flashlights and ATEX approved flashlights, for use with standard batteries or rechargeable batteries.



Mag-lite flashlights combines a superior design with reliability, durability and an unprecendented lifetime warranty. Available in many sizes for use in combination with standard batteries or the well known MAG-CHARGER with a rechargeable NiMh batterij that operates without a memory effect.  Now also available as MAGLITE LED.

Bright Star Mag Charger LED