We offer flashlights made by the following manufacturers: Scangrip, Streamlight, Peli Light, Adaro and Petzl

Streamlight, the professional handlamp / flashlight for marine, offshore and industrial applications. Firefighters all over the world are using the Streamlight flashlights for there safety. Streamlight is reconized around the world as the leading provider of premium portable lighting solutions. The latest technology of LED is used in the Streamlight Polystinger flashlights. C4LED for more light and longer lifetime of the lightsource.  Also a big variety of flashlights are available with an ATEX Zone 0 & Zone 1 approval.

Scangrip is know for its high quality LED work lights and flash lights. SCANGRIP is Europe’s leading and trendsetting supplier of work lighting solutions for professionals. SCANGRIP is first-mover and is always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights. A wide range of products consist worklights, inspection lights, flashlights, headlamps and Ex ATEX lights in Zone 1 & 2 and some in Zone 0.

Peli the expert in ATEX flashlights. Since 1976 Peli Products has manufactured ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEMS with the highest Safety Certifications. Constantly innovating and always exceeding expectations, Peli is engineered for life. Choice of Rechargeable and non rechargeable flashlights and headlights for normal industrial use and for Hazardous Areas certified for Zone 0 & Zone 1.

Adaro are special safety lamps with ATEX Zone 0 approval and connection for safety helmets and connection to Fire Fighter helmets. Adalit L-10. The First rechargeable safety torch specifically designed for firefighter helmets with an exclusive user location system by means of a flashing and moveable red LED on the side of the torch.

Petzl LED headlamp used by professionals. Also avialable for Atex Zone 2/22 applications.

LED ATEX Ex Flashlights and Handlamps NON Rechargeable

Flashlights from Peli and Streamlight. both premium quality to use by the demanding professional. All these lamps are approved and certified to use in ATEX Zone 0.


LED ATEX Ex Flashlights and Handlamps Rechargeable

Flashlights from Peli and Streamlight. both premium quality to use by the demanding professional. The Peli, Aduro and Streamlight lamps are approved and certified for use in ATEX Zone 0.


The Scangrip UNI-EX ATEX  is for ATEX Zone 0- 20, the Scangrip MIDI-EX ATEX is for ATEX Zone 2-22  and the Scangrip NOVA-EX ATEX is for ATEX Zone 1-21.


LED Handlamps NON Rechargeable  & Rechargeable

Robust industrial Spotlights and Floodlights with extreme high light output.


LED Headlamps NON ATEX and ATEX Versions

NON ATEX headlamps with a wide view especially developed for the service engineer to have the light beam directly on its work area and not in the distance. The ATEX headlamps are available as Zone 2/22 and for Zone 0.  Brands are Scangrip, Aduro, Streamlight and Petzl.


LED Flashlights Rechargeable

A heavy duty professional range of flashlights. The Streamlight Polystinger LED and Strion LED are also available as a set of 5 pieces with a Multicharger.

LED Flashlights, Inspection lights and worklights Scangrip

Scangrip multifunctional lanterns and portable worklights with a high light output. The inspections lights and hand lanterns are equipped  with a strong build-in magnet. The LED portable Flood Light worklights have the possibility of adding a strong magnet, a scaffold bracket or a tripot.


And of course there is more available. All this manufacturers offers more type op lanterns than what is showed. Contact our product specialists for more info.