Light Fixtures

RMN LED Light Fixtures and LED Luminaires

Many industrial, maritime and offshore companies find there way to RMN for lighting solutions. Especially since RMN enlarged their product range with new distributorships and  Ex ATEX Lighting Solutions is this one of the specialties. With in house product specialists and an enormously knowledge from first class European manufacturers in LED solutions we can answer all the customers questions about light. If required we produce detailled light calculations for buildings, cranes and vessels and we advice to help the customer to make the right choice in his illumination questionnaire. We are able to offer industrial light fixtures for every application even in the most tough conditions for extreme low or extreme high ambient temperatures, with always a good manufacturers warrantee on the entire product. Also for lighting solutions indoor in office areas, sanitairy areas and other place where the luminaire must have the right appearance which fits with the rest of the building. For vessels and offshore we offer navigation lanterns, search lights, deck lights, engine room lights, Ex ATEX light solutions etc. For remote areas we offer Solar navigation marine lanterns, even with Satelite communication. For areas where a fixed power source is not available or where temporary light is needed we have multiple solutions in Solar System Light Solutions.

DOUBLEPOWER!! LED chapter distributorships

European manufacturer of top quality LED luminaires with a unique design and thermal management. The range consist several types of luminaires all made of the highest quality materials for industrial applications, production facilities, warehouses, main ceiling lighting, engine rooms, local lighting and for areas with very high temperatures and extreme dustiness and aggressive environments even for use in offshore conditions. Suitable for buildings up to 30 meter. Lifespan guaranteed for the complete luminaires up to 100.000 hours. Discover the full range of doublepower!! LED Luminaires and see that we always have the right solution for your application. Also for harsh environments as on deck at seagoing vessels.

doublepower!! SEA LED

doublepower!! SEA Ex nR LED

doublepower!! SEA Ex d e LED

Together with the manufacturer doublepower!! we developed a special LED luminaire for use in the most harsh environments in Marine and Offshore. This is the doublepower!! SEA LED IP68. This high quality LED luminaire is available in 3 different versions: The standard Industrial version, the SEA LED Ex ATEX Zone 2-22 version and the SEA LED Ex ATEX Zone 1-21 version. The highest quality materials are used to produce this specific luminaires to ensure that they resist the harsh conditions at sea. Troughout the years the SEA LED has proven its durability and reliability, whereby they also have an extreme high Lumen/Watt ration to achieve the best energy efficiency.


doublepower!! TREE

An extremely efficient LED fixture in a very compact design with extremely high efficiency and exceptionally good heat management, which ensures a very long guaranteed lifespan. The fixture is often used in harsh industrial conditions (temperature and dust) and can be supplied in a standard version and a TaMax version. The TaMax is used in areas with high ambient temperatures, such as enginerooms. The fixture is guaranteed with the TaMax to use in environments up to +65ºC and tested up to +75ºC.

doublepower!! SKY LED

This is an extremely powerful, efficient and robust LED lighting fixture for high spaces in industry and logistics. The fixture is often used in very harsh conditions with high ambient temperatures, such as steel foundries, where it is equipped with the TaMAX LED driver. The fixture is guaranteed with the TaMax up to +65ºC and tested up to +75ºC. Above these temperature, the fixture has the option of placing the driver outside high-temperature area. This fixture has also proven itself in the automotive industry, where halls with complete assembly lines are equipped with it. Factories such as KIA, Hyundai and TATA Trucks rely on the doublepower!! SKY LED.

NTE Sistemas chapter distributorships

NTE Sistemas is a European manufacturer for high performance LED Lighting luminaires. RMN as distributor offers the complete range from this manufacturer  with a main focus on the LED Floodlights and LED SOLAR Street Light Systems. All NTE Sistemas fixtures can be optionally be ordered with a high quality treatment against corrosion (for chemical palnts) and a Marine Anti Saline treartment for salt water environments. Many shipowners already experienced the high quality, great lumen/W ratio and seawater resistancy of the floodlights.  NTE largest series of LED Floodlights are even used in football stadiums in the Spanish Primera Division. For many seagoing vessels we have made light calculations to exchange the conventional discharge lights for the NTE LED Floodlights. For the customer it will give a significantly lower energy consumption with a more even light over the entire area to illuminate.

NTE PM Series of LED Floodlights

The NTE PM Series LED Floodlights consists of the PM BASIC and PM PRO with a very compact construction and an extremely high efficiency of 6.000 to 38.000 lumens, all with a very low weight of 5 kilos. The fixtures are equipped with a breathing valve that prevents condensation from accumulating in the fixture. The PM COLOSSUS is a modular LEDFloodlight with a light output from 40.000 to 150.000 lumens. The PM TITAN is the most powerful series with a light output of 95.000 to 212.5000 lumens and is mainly used for large sports fields, such as football fields. port – and industrial areas. All NTE Floodlights can be supplied with extra anti-saline protection, making them suitable for use in the harsh conditions at sea. There is also a very decorative series of LED floodlights available, the STYLUS TOWER, which is often used in urban areas. The NTE PEF series are compact, but very powerful LED spotlights for a wide range of lighting applications.


NTE LED SOLAR SYSTEMS chapter distributorship

The new developed high-quality NTE Solar systems contain the latest state-of-the-art LED technology, with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery concealed in the solar panel. All systems are calculated based on the LED street light fixture or floodlight to be used, taking the location into account to ensure reliable light even during the shortest days of the year. The NTE Solar Systems have already proven themselves for a few years in the Benelux, where they function perfectly even in short daylight as we have during the winter.

NTE Roadlights chapter distributorship

NTE LED Roadlights

NTE has extensive experience in developing and producing LED streetlight fixtures for highways, urban area roads and also in decorative streetlights for old city centers and parks. All these luminaires have a very high efficiency. The also have an extremely low light pollution rate of less than 1%. NTE therefore meets a higher standard than the requirements in the field of light pollution.

NTE UFEF LED Downlights

Professional LED downlights designed to guarantee the best heat dissipation. Have a superior return efficiency of 200lm/W. They can optionally be provided with a special protective certified coating for salt conditions or for use in chemical conditions. The latest UFEF-X is IOT ready and can be equipped with a motion sensor with light sensor DETECT ZB18-010. NTE UFEF more than only a high bay.

Prismalence chapter distributorships

Prismalence LED Floodlights

Prismalence LED Floodlights from Sweden. Specially developed to work in the most demanding environments, even under extremely low temperatures and resistant to very high wind speeds. Mainly used in Mining, Shipping, Offshore and Heavy Industry. In use by the Swedish Navy for many years.

Vyrtych LED Luminaires chapter distributorships

European manufacturer of high-quality LED fixtures. RMN has been a distributor for Vyrtech Czech Republic since 2022. Within the range of products, Vyrtych has LED fixtures for Industry, Ex ATEX environments, Vandal-resistant fixtures, fixtures for indoor use, floodlights, cleanroom fixtures and emergency lighting. For more information about this manufacturer, see the separate Vyrtych page in the distributor chapter of the website.


TEP Ex ATEX Products chapter distributorships

European manufacturer with a complete range of Ex ATEX products. TEPEx’s product program includes various types of LED fixtures, LED Linear lighting, LED Emergency lighting and LED spotlights. This manufacturer also has a complete range of connection boxes, distribution boxes, flameproof cabinets, connection materials and other accessories. TEPEx products are certified for use in Ex ATEX Zones 1, 21, 2, 22.


Data Link chapter distributorships

Data Link develops and produces high-quality LED lighting. The delivery program consists of mobile work lighting in various voltages from 24V to 240V, Ex Atex lighting for both mobile and permanent applications, special mobile lighting for dry dock applications and linear lighting. Everything is produced in Croatia, where the manufacturer has the latest state-of-the-art LED PCB robot machines to produce top quality products. One of their specially developed products is a Combi searchlight that can emit visible white light and invisible IR light with a lightbeam of 600/500 meters. The product has a NATO number and is therefore used in armed forces, but also in border control and police tasks. The latest development is an Ex Atex LED Floodlight for use in Zones 1-21 and 2-22 and available in different light outputs and different voltages.

Data Link Ex LED Floodlight


Swiss Solutions

Swiss Solutions LED lighting fixtures are produced exclusively for Swiss Solutions by Vyrtych. The most important fixtures is a special length tubular fixture that can replace a fluorescent 18W tube fixture one-to-one and therefore there are no problems with the existing cable lengths. This is for the user a huge saving on cables and labor. There are also special LED fixtures for recessed mounting in the ceilings of seagoing vessels and offshore cabins. These fixtures are ideal to replace existing fluorescent fixtures. The luminaires are available in standard version and optionally DALI dimmable. Swiss Solutions is an exclusive brand of RMN.

Sealite Solar Marine Lanterns & Barge Lights

RMN is distributor for Sealite Marine Products. Sealite is a first class manufacturer of Marine Lanterns, Marine Buoys, Area Lighting, Port Entry Lights, Barge Lights etc. Self contained Solar Marine Lanterns suitable for almost all areas due to its availablity of sunlight.

Sealite Barge Lights

A range of Solar and battery Barge Lights available in versions of 2NM and 3NM. All lanterns are certified and approved UL 1104 COLREG-72 IALA signal Colours Compliant to IALA E-200-1.


Sealite SOLAR Marine Lanterns

A complete range of SOLAR Marine Lanterns used for multiple applications around the globe. Available from 1NM up to 12NM and with multiple options to fulfill the users requirements. All Sealite Marine lanterns hold Classification Certificates  and many of them are produced according to the regulations of the U.S. Coastguard. The lanterns have many flash characteristics from 16 for the 1-2NM lantern up to 310 different codes for the larger lanterns.


Sealite Port Entry Lantern Systems

Sealite’s range of LED Port Entry Lights and Leading Lights are typically installed to indicate a clear line of passage for vessels. Port Entry Lights are available in many configurations and are low-powered, high intensity precision secto lighting suitable for day and night time use with convenient remote monitoring and control options. The Port Entry Lights are AIS & GSM ready.


DEN HAAN DHR Navigation light fixtures

Den Haan stands for quality for almost one century, producing Navigation Light Fixtures. Those fixtures meets all the todays relevant standards in the Marine business.  Many vessels today seagoing and inland are using navigation lights made by Den Haan. The navigation lights are available for use with a normal light bulb and with LED.



GIFAS is a manufacturer from Switzerland well known about it’s high quality electrical products. One of the latest developments in fast removable worklights is the FlexLED. A very flexible product with a high light output and a unique 240° (2×120°) light angle. This product is often used in Tunnel Building in the Swiss mountains. The 25 meter length comes on a heavy duty cable reel, easy to carry to the job site. Also available in a 10 meter length which comes on a small simple cable reel to store it.


Gifas LaneLED INOX is a very high-quality illuminated handrail system. This lighting is a modular system produced from stainless steel V4A quality with a protection class of IP67. The system is vandalism resistant and is therefore mainly used in public areas, such as pedestrian tunnels, stairwells, train stations, etc. The system voltage is 21-32VDC, class III, IP67/Ip69K, IK10 and is therefore extremely user safe. Can be made in bright or matt (diffuse) light.

LED Wallmount indoor light fixtures

LED lighting for wall mounting and ceiling installation for cabins and the mess room on board. High-quality materials ensure an attractive appearance and a long lifespan. Italian design gives a beautiful appearance to this lighting. Available in different colored fixtures and different LED colors.


LED Indoor light fixtures Secom and Trevos

There are various options from the manufacturers Secom and Trevos for surface-mounting and installation on and in walls and ceilings. Besides what is shown here, the range is much larger.


LED Indoor Suspension Lighting Secom Allur

Allur is an indoor suspension lighting system with an attractive design with the possibility of indirect light in the upper part (optional), incorporates LEDs of the latest generation, ideal for commercial or domestic spaces.


When there is a need for quality and durability combined with an efficient and reliable fixture for a reasonable price, Plexiform is the right choice. PLEXIFORM offers a good choice not only for industrial applications, but also for commercial applications and household applications. The right luminaire for every building. Special fixtures for indoor use that can be built into ceiling systems are available in many different types. Plexiform Parabolic LED indoor ceiling fixtures, both recessed and surface-mounted. Very suitable for offices, especially for rooms where computer screens are used and available with diffuse shielding as a SUN LED type.

 Awex Emergency lighting fixtures

AWEX specializes in production of modern emergency lighting fixtures and conversion kits. By the production we use the newest technologies, reliable components and innovative designs. The company established in 2002 and is currently one of the leading Polish manufacturers of emergency lighting. Our products meet requirements of all applicable norms. Safety of our products is certified. In order to meet the needs of our present and future Clients we introduced the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2000.


Workstation LED lights

The SpotLED FLEX (left picture) is a workstation spotlight guarantees excellent visibility in every situation. Highly effective, small and compact light source, safe and convenient, providing light on an as-needed basis for every illumination task with state-of -the -art LED technology. Available in multiple tube lengths from 200mm up to 600mm. As spot or medium beam, in 230V with mains unit to 12-30V input voltage or 24Vdc (24Vac on request). 5x3W power LED’s, light colour 6350-7000K, IP54 protection calss III. Housing black coated aluminium die casting. Accessories as a round magnet base or safety grill available. The MasterLED (middle and right picture) is also available in several lengts of the arm. Input voltage 230Vac, 24Vac/Dc, 1x20W 1500lm, service life >50.000 hours IP65 Class III (when operated at safety voltage), multiple accessories availble.

Ship Lamps also known as 1000-hours lamps

Ship lamps with a continuous shining bright light KONSTA or a blinking bright light WINKO with an own battery power source. The continuous shining lamp provides a battery run-time of appr. 450 hours and the blinking type of appr. 2500 hours. As accessory we can supply color filters, anti abstraction clamps and spare batteries. Also available with LED light source.


Glamox, Aqua Signal and Norselight one big group

GLAMOX MARINE LIGHTING YOUR FIRST CHOICE WHEN QUALITY, COMPETENCE AND RELIABILITY COUNT. Together Glamox, Høvik Marine Lighting and Norselight have more than 200 years of experience operating in the most challenging environments. We supply a complete range of Glamox Marine lighting equipment designated for marine and offshore purpose such as Glamox LED Floodlights, Glamox Navigation Light Fixtures, Glamox Fluorescent luminiares etc. A specialized complete range for Marine and Offshore. All made in the highest quality to ensure a long life time. Available in standard types and Atex types. The latest development is the Glamox MIR LED based on years of experience in the Marine & Offshore. Available as a Replacement Kit for the Glamox MIR T8 fluorescent luminiares.

Norselight Daylight Signalling and Aqua Signal Searchlight

The Norselight Daylight Signalling DM60 is a portable signalling light set to have on board of all vessels over 150 gross tonnage, when engaged on international voyages. The Aqua Signal BREMEN is a handheld searchlight with the latest LED technology and designed for nearly all kind of search operation both inside or outside the vessel. The light fixture is IP68.

Glamox and Aqua Signal from Fluorescent tube to LED with Conversion kits

It is easy to convert watertight Glamox MIR, MAX, MIX and Aqua Signal 1044, 1444, 1445 fluorescent luminaires to LED with the special developed LED Conversion Kits. Multiple conversion kits available.


 Glamox LED Flood / LED Spot lights for maritime environments

Glamox Aqua Signal LED Flood Lights FL60 series

Glamox LED Flood Lights FX60 & TX65 series for hazardous areas

Glamox LED Spot Light FL60S series spotlight

 Glamox FL60S SpotlightPDF