Lubrication Equipment

 PRESSOL, lubrication and oil equipment. Pressol

Based on there comprehensive range of standard products Pressol offer a customer-oriented solution meeting almost any lubrication requirement of there customers.

A various product range is available in Lubrication equipment, garage equipment, diesel pumps and systems. Grease Guns, Grease nipples in all forms and material choises,  hydraulic couplers, button head couplers etc., also available in assorti-boxes. High pressure hydraulic mouth pieces for all types of grease nipples, industrial grease guns, battery powered grease guns, pneumatic grease guns en special guns for oil and liquid greases, high pressure delivery hoses fitted with or without a mouth piece, high pressure pneumatic grease pump systems, manual grease pumps en pneumatic oil delivery systems. Pneumatic heavy duty grease guns, oilers, funnels en measures and many other high quality Pressol products.

Pressol funnels made from PE (polyethylene of high density). Oil, acid and fuel-resistant. Foodstuff-compatible.


Pressol Grease Guns, hand activated, pneumatic activated or battery powered. Can be used for 400 gr. cartridges and 500 cm³ loose filling as well. Also available as Oil (fluid) guns.


Pressol Grease Fittings. Available in many different types, materials and connections.


Pressol high pressure mouth pieces and button head couplers.


Pressol High Pressure Hoses for grease guns. Available as spare hose in different lenghts and connections and complete with greas nipple coupler.

Pressol Suction- and push gun for fluids. Capacity from 500 ml up to 1000 ml.

Pressol Oilers, available in different capacities and materials. High quality pumps with 2 ball valves. With angled or/and flexible spout.


Pressol Measuring Jugs, available with and without cover and flexible discharge spout made from HDPE oil, acid and fuel-resistant, foodstuff-compatible. Measuring jugs with scale made from polyethylene with a 5ml graduation of the scale which is blue painted for good visibility.


Pressol Pneumatic Grease Supply Systems, high performance pneumatic grease supply pumps for several different drum sizes. Grease Supply pumps comes always with a fixing drum bracket, a dust cover and a follower plate, a pressure reducing valve with rectus connector. Important is to look at the drum size you are using. Each type can also be supplied with a grease delivery supply set (hose, gun, z-swivel), a trolley for easy transport of the unit.


Pressol High Pressure Grease Guns, available as heavy duty gun and with a digital grease supply meter build in. Z-swivels joints and swivel joints to instal between the delivery hose and gun.

Pressol Oil Supply systems, pneumatic oil pumps for 200/220 liter barrels. The pump has a drum connection and with or without a delivery hose and filling valve.


Pressol filling valves for oil and for fuels.


Pressol Electric Oil Pumps, available in 230V and 400V power supply. For oils up to SAE 90


Pressol Lever Action Oil Pumps and Rotary barrel pumps


Perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG

The name perma stands for innovative and creative solutions in lubrication technology. Single- and multi-point lubrication systems from perma-tec can be found in all types of industries and applications everywhere in the world. perma-tec is the innovative leader of single-point lubrication systems and supplies more single-point lubrication systems than any other manufacturer worldwide. RMN offers the innovative perma-tec Single Point lubrication systems for oil and grease lubrication and the complete range of accessories as well. Perma Classic and Perma Futura are activated by the special Perma Colour Coded Activator Screws.  Depending on your application’s requirement, you may choose to discharge 120 cm³ in a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months by using the right colour screw. Perma Flex is equiped with an activator dial on top of the unit. Discharge period setting is flexible and can be adjusted from 1-12 months using the dial on top of the lubricator. Perma Nova is equiped with a digital control unit.  The discharge period (1-12 months) can be easily programmed by pushing the SET-button on the NOVA control unit. The control unit is reusable. All Perma units are with Ex-Proof certification. Choice of 9 different types of grease and 5 different types of oil ensures that perma meet your lubrication requirements.


Gloria Oil Resistant Pressure Sprayers 

A professional range of industrial pressure sprayers, all oil resistant. The GLORIA Profiline hand sprayers meet the high demands of the industry and are popular assistants in the most diverse industry sectors. The larger GLORIA high-performance sprayers made of robust steel or stainless steel offer a wide range of equipment features and helpful detailed solutions. Depending on the capacity, the 5 or 10 litre models offer maximum quality, safety and comfort for every application.


LE Lubrication Xport™  

Xport™ Battery Powered Grease Gun with Clear Grease Tube. A powerfull solution eliminates cross-contamination. The grease gun comes with 2 batteries 19.2V, a 220V battery charger, a delivery hose with high pressure mouth piece and a hard plastic carry case.