Fenders-Buoys-Hose Flotation

Scottish Bladders and Heavy Duty Fenders

Heavy Duty Seamless Fenders

Polyform heavy duty seamless inflatable fenders are very flexible and strong. Supreme control over the fusion process and quarantees even wall-thickness. Resistant to all weather conditions.
High energy absorbtion. Suitable for ships up to 1500 ton D/W. Especially developed for F Series fender protection are the Polyform Fender Protection Covers made of high grade polyester.

Scottish Bladders / All Purpose Fenders

All purpose inflatable buoys from Polyform are fenders with rib-reinforcement. Also known under the name Scottish Bladder. Produced from the best marine grade vinyl material which is extremely strong. Designed for commercial use in marine, fishing and dredging. Standard supplied in (orange)red with a blue eye. See download for the different dimensions and floating capacity.


How to inflate a Polyform buoy, Never exceed 0,15 bar!!

Sealite Marker Buoys

Sealite SL-B700 short-range marker buoys ready for immediately installation. Avialable in Red, Green and Yellow surface colours compliant to IALA E-108. The buoys can be easily equipped  with a Sealite Solar Navigation Lantern from the series SL-15, SL-60 and SL-70

Sealite Aquafloat 800 Marker buoys

The Sealite SL-AQF 800 is a rotationally-moulded marker buoy series designed as a single piece, low cost aid to Marine Navigation. The large 800 mm diameter provide clear visibilty and can be fitted with a range of Sealite Solar Marine Lanterns from the series SL-15, SL-60, SL-70 and SL-75.

Sealite Barrier Floats

The Sealite Barrier Floats are a reliable marking solution to restrict boating traffic from dangerous areas such as spillways, dams, swim areas and other exclusionary zones. With the optional swivel eyes the bariers can be easily linked together. Available in three different models to meet the customers requirement.

FlowSafe Hose Flotation

FlowSafe protection for fluid transmission hoses like bunker hoses. FlowSafe hose flotation devices are used in various fields of marine activities, such as offshore oil and gas industries and port facilities. Transfer of fluid at sea is often associated with serious problems, especially in severe weather. FlowSafe hose floatation devices are shock absorbent, strong and elastic and due to  100% watertight cells and a very low density gives it a high bouyance. Creating a simple and safe solution. See the download for the different dimensions.


Emergency Towing System Buoy

Designed by Norfloat International, the emergency towing system buoy (ETS) is a flexible PVC moulding filled with closed cell foam. The buoy has a programmable LED flashing lamp activated by a photocell switch for automatic operation. When required, the buoy is deployed through a standard Panama fairlead for ETV retrieval. The buoy and pennant line are taken on board the ETV enabling a towing cable to be transferred from the ship to the ETV. The concept of this product is very simple, making it easy and reliable to use. As of 2012 all vessels over 20.000 DWT are required to have an ETS in place. The Norfloat ETS buoy simplifies tow line retrieval by day or night.

An UV stable PVC outer skin, Foam filled (closed cell structure), Hot-dipped galvanised steel swivel and centre rod, Fitted with Jotron new enhanched ML-100 High intensity LED, SW-adjustable light-intensity, SW-programmable flash-rate, SW-adjustable daylight-switch, Uses 3x Alkaline batteries D-cell, total of 4,5VDC.
Module-based construction, facilitating and necessary service or repair.
Light reflective tape.
LED specifications:
Housing of ABS, Lens of Lexan, LED light system Yellow. Light intensity 5- or 15 Cd Candela, Surface range 2 or 3 NM (Nautical Miles), Waterproof down to 200 metres, On/Off daylight-sensor with magnet/reed contact, Flash rate 25-flash, Software programming: flafh rate, light-intensity and sync, Batteries 3 D-cell, Lens colour clear.

Article No.: 025100

Norfloat Emergency Towing System Buoy