Ladders Steps and Scaffolds

Aluminium Stepladders

Sturdy industrial stepladders made by Dirks and Zarges. All products according to DIN 2184 / EN 131 and comply to the Dutch Warenwet regulations. The stepladders can be ordered with single sided or double sided steps. On top there is a safety platform. For the double sided steps there is an optional foldable knee-bracket available. The steps are ribbed non-slip. The anti slip plastic caps prevent the stepladder to slide on the floor. The Dirks Stepladders can be ordered with a coating layer to keep hands clean during work which can be important in some industries.

Zarges Glass-Fibre-Reinforced Safety ladders and stepladders

A complete range of Safety ladders and Safety stepladders suitable for use in chemical and electrotechnical environments. In accordance with high-voltage test regulations for ladders.


Dirks ladders

Single ladders with and without stabilizer, combination ladders all available coated and uncoated.


Boat boarding ladders

Aluminium boat boarding ladders, standard type and a heavy duty type especially for tanker vessels.


Altrex Scaffolds 

A full range of high quality aluminium scaffolds. All according to the Dutch safety regulations.

NEW Altrex MI-TOWER series

The MiTOWER needs 65% less space than a standard scaffold tower. The MiTOWER PLUS is assembled in no-time. To the highest level quickly, without the help of a colleague. You can make a movable trolley with the scaffolding materials. Fits through any standard door opening and in many company vehicles. Dimensions 172 x 83 x 210 cm (L x W x H). The Altrex MiTOWER PLUS up to 8 meter working height.

 Estil scaffold lifting hoist CWS

Available in lifting capacities of 80, 160, 230 and 300 kilo. Power supply 230V 50Hz. End switch for lowest and highest point. Static and dynamic steel wire brake system. Standard with 5 meter power supply cable and 10 meter cable on the control station. Emergency stop. Safety hook, 360 degrees rotating function.

Lifting height CWS-80 = 23 meter, CWS-160 = 30 meter, CWS-230 = 24 meter, CWS-300 = 24 meter

Optional Swivel arm for scaffold mounting.