Sealite Port Entry Light Systems

Sealite Port Entry Light Systems

Sealite’s range of LED Port Entry Lights and Leading Lights are typically installed to indicate a clear line of passage for vessels. Port Entry Lights are available in many configurations and are low-powered, high-intensity precision sector lighting suitable for day and night time use with convenient remote monitoring and control options.

The range consist of 10 degree (SL-PEL-10) and 5 Degree (SL-PEL-05) Port entry Lights, 2FT (SL-48) and 4FT  (SL-96) Leading Lights and High Intensity Range Light (SL-RL).

Sealite PEL Port Entry Lights

High Precision, Long Range LED Optics
Providing over 120,000cd (10 degree Model) and over 500,000cd (5 degree Model) at 30 watts, the Sealite PEL is extra ordinarily efficient and ideal for solar power systems. The light is designed to suit high-precision sector applications and provides a measured changeover between colour sectors of typically one minute of arc.

Robust, with Ultra-Low Power Consumption
The Sealite PEL is extremely robust and of high-quality construction. The unit is built from CNC machined marine grade aluminium alloy, subject to 7-stage powder coating. The IP67 rated enclosure with anti-reflection coated achromatic lenses off ers maximum resistance to weather.

AIS & GSM Ready
The Sealite PEL comes ready for interfacing with Sealite Type 1 or Type 3 AIS solutions, to allow port operators convenient remote monitoring of the unit via AIS message 6. In addition, important AIS message 21 information such as the name, type, and position of the navigation aid may be broadcast to mariners within the region.
GSM monitoring facilities also allow the light to be remotely monitored and controlled by maintenance personnel through their cellular phones or web portal.
Sealite’s PEL also has alarm relay contacts for remote monitoring to alert to fault conditions.