Data Link ATEX LED Floodlight

Data Link LED IP66 Ex ATEX Floodlight

A new developped Data Link ATEX LED Floodlight  intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of gases, vapors and dust in industries such as refineries, offshore installations, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, shipbuilding and mining. All the information of this light fixture can be read out via the NFC system. Normal tags on the outside of the fixture with information about building year, serial number and other information can fade away over the years. Now with this system you can read it out with your Smartphone. The fixture can be ordered in 100-230V 60W (∼8.600 lm), 100W (∼14.000 lm) ( and 140W (∼20.100 lm) version with different light beam angles. Also available in 100W 42Vac/Vdc and 60W 24Vac/Vdc.

The 100-230V 140W version is dimmable in steps from 20.100lm to 14.000lm and to 8.600lm.

Seawater resistant

Especially for seawater conditions the Floodlight can be delivered with an optional cataphoresis surface threatment to protect the housing against the harsh environment at sea.

The Floodlight has a very high protection and is in that way suitable for all kind of applications.

The Explosion protection is  II 2G Ex db op is IIC T6 Gb; II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T85°C Db
for Gas Group IIA-IIB-IIC and Dust Group IIIA-IIIB-IIIC
Type of protection Ex db – Ex tb. Zone level 1 Gb- 2 Gb and 21 Db – 22 Db