Swiss Hand Rail System

Swiss Solutions Handrail

The Swiss Solutions modular Hand Rail system is ideal for a variety of applications. Constructed from exceptionally strong steel with an unique high quality PVC Coating, which offers the all important ‘warm to touch’ requirement as set down by the building regulations the product is a breaktrough for handrail systems. All connections fit flush, resulting in a pleasing streamlined appearance. The internal connections allow the construction of continuous handrail systems without raised external fittings.

Key points:

Meets Building Regs

  • Diameter Ø 45 mm
  • Strong Construction
  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Modular Internal Connections
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Non Corrosive
  • Lightweight


45mm diameter tube to comply with Building Regulation requirements, tube diameter should be no more than 45mm in diameter. Swiss Solutions Hand Rail tube meets this requirement. No Snag Points, Building Regulation requirements state that any handrail should not have any protruding snag points. Swiss Solutions Hand Rail flush connection system deals with this requirement. Slip Resistant Surface the requirements also state that the handrail surface should be slip resistant. Swiss Solutions Hand Rail’s fluted design offers the slip resistance to meet the requirement. Not Cold to the Touch as a requirement of the Building Regulations states the handrail tube should not be cold to the touch. Swiss Solutions Hand Rail with it’s unique PVC coating construction ensures this important criteria is met.

Swiss Solutions Hand Rail Tube
Swiss Solutions Hand Rail Tube

Contrasting Colour

To ensure the handrail can be seen clearly it is standard supplied in a contrasting color. This means Swiss Solutions Hand Rail is supplied as stock item  in standard safety yellow.

Adjustable Fittings

Swiss Solutions Hand Rail now has even more adjustable components meaning there are an abundance of design combinations to suit your requirements.

Choice of Colours

Swiss Solutions Hand Rail is available in both grey and safety yellow ensuring that whatever substate the project is applied to, it will always conform to building requirements.

Security Fixings

Swiss solutions Hand Rail now features even stronger security fittings. Made from zinc plated steel the fixings not only ensure a strong rail structure but are also tamper proof.

Swiss Solutions Hand Rail System Security Fixings
Swiss Solutions Hand Rail System Security Fixings

Swiss Solutions Hand Rail around Recycling Machine