Swiss Solutions Ship Window Glass

Vetrotech by Saint-Gobain

For many years RMN supplies different types replacement windows for seagoing vessels. We have an agreement with Saint Gobain Glass companies which are one of the biggest players in the world market. We can offer the entire range of Vetrotech Marine.

The most common examples are:

Pyroswiss Marine

Clear fire resistant safety glass starting at 6 mm thickness for B0 and A0. Tested according to FTP. Very high transmission values up to 89%. This thin, elegant, fire resistant glass has improved mechanical integrity and anti-breakage properties. Due to this it can be adapted as pressure glass without any extra adoptions. Two-sided fire-rated glass. Stops flames, smoke and hot toxic gases.

Contraflam Lite Marine

Clear fire resistant safety glass for different classes: B0, B15, A0 or A15. It is a product with a long history and a high quality. Very bespoke, can be customised to your design requirements. Certifications according to the FTP code 2010. Also available as double-, triple- or laminated glazing. Partially temperature resistant for 15 minutes maximum. Fire integrity for 30 or 60 minutes.
The product line utilizes a transparent advanced intumescent silicate interlayer which turn opaque in event of a fire. This interlayer reduces the transmission of heat and blocks the view of the fire to help ensure a calm evacuation process.

Contraflam Marine

Clear fire resistant safety glass to ISO 21005 for different classes: B30, A30 or A60, but also H60, H90 or H120. The cavity between the sheets of glass is filled with a transparant intumescent silicate-based interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire. This product satisfies the highest demands of fire protection. It is robust in handling and UV-stable with numerous variations available.
B30 or A60 products are capable to withstand the hose stream test (US Coast Guard).

Contraflam Structure Marine

Butt-jointed all glass partition for frameless fire protection (B0-A60). This product combines an aesthetically appealing and minimalistic appearance with the highest standards of performance.

Heated Marine Glas Thermovit

Electrically heated glass for large-sized and special shaped windows. Thermovit is suited for external applications offering a clear and undisturbed view no matter the weather conditions – even down to Arctic conditions. Stays free of ice or condensation in cold climate zones, and without fogging in high humidity climate zones or applications.
Heating capacities between 0.5 – 30W/ dm²
Connection supply different voltages possible.
Proven reliability since 1974.