Miko Marine Sea Chest Cofferdams

Miko Marine Sea Chest Cofferdams

Miko delivers custom-made Cofferdams for blanking off sea chests, pipe inlets and outlets and all kinds of hull apertures below the waterline. 

With neutral buoyancy – achieved by blocks of rigid PVC foam mounted externally on the walls – the Cofferdams are easily handled under water by divers. They are kept firmly in place on the hull by utilizing Miko Anchor Magnets model MAM-003, each with an ideal holding force of 450 kg.

The magnets are fitted with rubber flex joints, which enables them to be used on curved or uneven steel surfaces. By tightening the wing nuts, the rubber gasket is compressed slightly and an initial watertight seal against the hull is created.

Once the inside has been pumped dry, the pressure difference will compress the rubber gasket further. At this point, the watertight seal is mainly achieved by the water pressure itself.

Miko’s cofferdams are a safe and reliable option for in-water repair at any depth.

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