Miko Marine ERB

Miko Marine Emergency Response Bag

The Emergency Response Bag enables quick repairs to leaks caused by cracks or for blanking off small openings directly in the water.

Miko Plaster® – the main component of the ERB – is a magnetic tarpaulin that is applied by hand directly over the opening. The seal is achieved by the water pressure coupled with the magnetic adhesion between the patch and the steel surface.

Because of the compact size and minimal weight, the kit can be hand-carried and the patches quickly applied by a single diver.

The components of the ERB have been selected for maximum versatility and usability within strict weight limits.

• 1 pcs 450 x 500 mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
• 1 pcs 450 x 833 mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
• 1 pcs 900 x 1 250 mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
• 1 pcs MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnet
• 10 pcs MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnet
• 1 pcs MHT-001 Handling Tool for MPM-002
• 4 pcs MHT-002 Handling Ropes

Gross weight
40 kg

900 mm

Miko Marine Oil Spill Response pack

Installation Principle

With a weight in water of 5,5 kg/m2, the Miko Plaster® can be easily handled by one diver. The patch is applied directly over the leak and can be simply re-positioned if necessary.

The MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets are placed on top of the patch to increase the seal and resistance to peeling that might be caused by towing or current speed.

The MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnet can be used as an anchor point for the diver or to hang diving equipment from during the installation. When the patch and the MPM-002 magnets are in place, the MAM-001 can also be placed in the centre of the patch, if required, to reinforce the seal.

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