Swiss Solutions LED Lighting

Swiss Solutions LED, Light of the future.

With the distributorship of NTE Sistemas in 2020 (due to the global unexpected market situation with the pandemic) we have decided to stop with the range of Swiss Solutions LED Flood Lights and concentrate only on the high quality LED light products which are made in Europe. Benefit are a faster delivery, better quality (much better Lumen/Watt ratio), better warranty and a possibilty to offer the lights wit a special protective layer against seawater conditions.

The consequences were that the Swiss Solutions range of LED products became a lot smaller. These days the Swiss Solutions LED luminaires are specifically designed and produced by our partner manufacturers from the EU.


Efficient and durable IP68 impact resistance IK10 LED Tube Luminaire. Low energy consumption, no change of lamps anymore, watertight IP68 and a meets the NON GLARE Requirements. Produced by European manufacturer Vyrtych under 5 years warranty.  The luminaire has its base from the Vyrtych Aqua range but is especially for RMN designed and produced in a different length. The luminaire is because of this only exclusive available for RMN to market under their brand name Swiss Solutions.

Recessed Ceiling LED Luminaires

The next development is a range of Recessed Ceiling LED Luminaires designed for the marine and offshore industry. The luminaires are intended to replace the fluorescent luminaires. The luminaires are developed by Vyrtech and RMN. They are only exclusive avaialable for RMN to market under their brand name Swiss Solutions. The luminaires are completely produced in the Czech Republic where there is a state-of-the-art factory and develop center. Vyrtych is producing the complete luminaire in their own factory. The LED drivers they use are produced in the EU and the rest of the components in their own plant.