Swiss Solutions LED Lighting

Swiss Solutions LED, Light of the future. 

Swiss Solutions LED Floodlights are made according the latest LED technology. A range of well designed top quality fixtures available in several types and light colors. The standard used LED Floodlights gives a Natural White light color (4000-5000K). All the fixtures are also available in the light colors Warm White (3000-3500K) and Cold White (5000-6500K).

The Floodlight fixtures can be mounted on the wall or floor with the bracket and connection is easy.  High quality materials are used. Die cast aluminium housing, Tempered Glass, Aluminium reflector and a Rubber seal. Protection grade is IP65.

The Swiss Solutions standard Floodlights are equiped with high quality EPISTAR LED modules. The new Swiss Solutions High Output LED Floodlights are equiped with Philips 3030 LED’s. Light output up to 128.800 lumen is possible.

Applications for the Swiss Solutions Floodlights are:

Roadway lighting, Pathway lighting, Sidewalk lighting, Parking lot lighting, Ramp lighting, Farm lighting, Remote area lighting, shopping mail lighting, Warehouse lighting, decorative lighting of building walls etc.

Advantages are:

No RF interference, Maintenance free, Easy installation, Low power consumption, High intensity, Long lifetime.

See datasheets in the downloads for extra information.

NEW High ouput LED Floodlights available with PC lens of 120° or 60×100º. Light output from 28.800 up to 128.800 Lumen. IP65 protection. Expected lifepsan 50.000 hours.

Swiss Solutions Floodlight 75SW908069-71

Standard series Swiss Solutions LED Floodlights available from 10W up to 200W. Light output 2.400 up to 16.000 Lumen. IP65 protection and 3 different light colours. Expected life span >35.000 hours. This 30W, 50W & 70W are in light colour NW standard stock items.


Swiss Solutions high output 150W LED Flood lights. Expected lifespan 35.000 hours. Colour NW is a stock item



Efficient and durable IP68 impact resistance IK10 LED Tube Luminaire. Low energy consumption, no change of lamps anymore, watertight IP68 and a meets the NON GLARE Requirements. Produced by European manufacturer under 5 years warranty.  see overview different types.


Prolumia LED Floodlights, available form 60 up to 1.000W and from 6.600 up to 110.000 Lumen. IP65 protection. Available in several angle beams and colors.

Prolumia Led Pro-Beam fixture

Philips Floodlight Coreline Tempo, available in 40, 80 and 120W  from 4.000 up to 12.000 lumen. Color temperature 4000K (neutral white). IP65 protection. Available as Symetric and A-symetric beam.

Glamox FL60 and FX60 (EX proof) Floodlights especially developed for sea conditions. Available in 40, 80, 120 and 160W, from 4.132 up to 16.528 lumen. Daylight color 850. IP66/67 protection. Standard wide beam but also available in medium beam and narrow beam.

89AQFL60402000 Glamox LED Flood Light FL60 4module

Eurolux LED Floodlight only for onshore applications and not for salt water conditions.

770063 Eurolux LED 60W Floodlight