SlipGrip Flat Sheets dimensions

The Swiss Solutions SlipGrip Flat Sheets are available in 2 types

SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheet

Extreme Core grit type, MOHS Hardness Scale 9, Suitable for heavy duty traffic areas, PTV Test Reading Dry 76, PTV Test Reading Wet 70, Traffic level heavy, sheet thickness 5-7mm with grit, guarantee 10 years.

Number           Dimension          Colour

75SWG1300      2400x1200mm      Black

75SWG1301       1200x1200mm       Black

75SWG1302        800x1200mm       Black

75SWG1303      2400x1200mm       Black FINE Grit

75SWG1304      1200x1200mm       Black FINE Grit

75SWG1305        800x1200mm       Black FINE Grit

75SWG1310      2400x1200mm      Yellow

75SWG1311       1200x1200mm       Yellow

75SWG1312        800x1200mm       Yellow

75SWG1313      2400x1200mm       Yellow FINE Grit

75SWG1314      1200x1200mm       Yellow FINE Grit

75SWG1315        800x1200mm       Yellow FINE Grit

75SWG1320      2400x1200mm      Stone

75SWG1321       1200x1200mm       Stone

75SWG1322        800x1200mm       Stone

75SWG1323      2400x1200mm       Stone FINE Grit

75SWG1324      1200x1200mm       Stone FINE Grit

75SWG1325        800x1200mm       Stone FINE Grit

SlipGrip Budget Flat Sheet

Standard Grit Type, MOHS Hardness Scale 7, Suitable for Industrial and Cemmercial Premises, PTV Test Reading Dry 71, PTV Test Reading Wet 63, Traffic levels medium, Sheet Thickness 4-5mm with grit, Guarantee 1 Year.

Number           Dimension          Colour

75SWG1600      2400x1200mm      Black

75SWG1601       1200x1200mm       Black

75SWG1602        800x1200mm       Black

75SWG1605      2400x1200mm       Yellow

75SWG1606       1200x1200mm       Yellow

75SWG1607         800x1200mm       Yellow

75SWG1610      2400x1200mm       Stone

75SWG1611       1200x1200mm       Stone

75SWG1612         800x1200mm      Stone

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