Doublepower Tree is one of the most durable LED linear luminaires on the market. An uncomprosing design with various performance options and lighting characteristics.

An extreme long true life-span of  100.000 hours (L80B10) and 6 to 10 year full guarantee.

Tested and proven on installations in numerous industrial operations.

The ultimate LED luminaire for an engine room with high ambient temperatures (TaMAX version up to +65°C).

Available with an IP68 GESIS connector and M6 nut pre-installed in the natch allow for fast and variable installation. Avalable with transparant or diffused protective cover for less glare. Various models for mounting heights from 2 up to 10 meters. Optional with an emergency module, the luminaire can be used as emergency lighting.

Heat management and luminaire construction
The doublepower!! TREE luminaire has a unique profile ensuring extremely effective heat management. The surface of its body and the shape of its heat sink are completely devoted to removing heat from the light source.

The shape and orientation of the cooling surfaces are fully prepared for dust buildup. Because dust cannot be completely avoided, we have designed these surfaces to effectively remove heat even in the most unfavorable, dusty conditions.
We have paid a great deal of attention to the selection and method of applying heat-conducting material, which transfers heat from the chip to the luminaire’s cooling system.

Unsealed areas or fluctuations in the thickness of the thermal-conductive material can significantly worsen the conduction of heat and lead to the degradation of the LED chips.

For doublepower!! TREE luminaires, we use special thermal-conductive materials and a proven method of application that completely rules out the risk of defects.

All the measures taken above result in only very small differences between the heats of the LED chips and drivers and the surrounding temperatures. The components operate in a comfortable environment, far below their maximum temperature limits.

The Doublepower TREE luminaires are available with an output of 2225 lumen up to 11.600 lumen.

For mounting heights from 2 up to 10 meter.

Optical system
With doublepower!! TREE luminaires, we can combine various optics with reflectors and offer different lighting characteristics. The bottom section of the luminaire is protected by a special non-degrading glass with high light transmittance in both transparent and opaque (diffused) options. Glare protection is ensured by placing the LED strips deeper into the luminaire’s body and using a larger lighting surface for the optical system.