Wencon® Cream

Wencon Cream

Wencon Cream is a basic two-component, epoxy compound with a wide range of applications for repair and rebuilding of worn, damaged, cracked and corroded metal parts.

Typical applications are corroded tanks, pump housings, impellers, valves, pipes, flange faces, roller bearing seats, worn shafts, hydraulic rams and heat exchangers. Wencon Cream is also excellent as a filling compound. Wencon Cream exhibits many of the characteristics of metals, which together with outstanding adhesion to all metallic surfaces makes the repair compound highly suitable for repair of corroded and worn metals.

Easy mixing ratio 1:1, metal free, fully machinable, extreme high volume per kilo.

Wencon Cream

Wencon Cream machined

Wencon Cream 1010 IMPA 812335 ISSA 75.553.20