Miko Marine FlexiShape

FlexiShape Miko Plaster®

Miko Marine FlexiShape-Miko-Plaster

The FlexiShape Miko Plaster® is intended for temporary and quick repair of hull damages from groundings or collisions. It is stapled to the hull using the Underwater Fastener and the corresponding Drive Pins.

The outer layer is a polyester-reinforced PVC matting, strong enough to carry the weight of an average car with a 50 mm wide stripe. The inner layer is a Kevlar fabric, similar to bullet proof vests, which protects the patch from sharp edges on the damaged hull. The material is flexible to follow the hull curvatures. The rubber stripes along the edges help improve the seal when pressed against the hull surface by the Ramset Drive Pins.

The patches are produced in Norway and standard sizes can delivered quickly to site in in urgent situations. Standard sizes are available in the Salvage Kit together with supplementary tools for installation. Customized patches are supplied in any shape and size.

Weight in air
3,0 kg / m2

Weight in water
Approximately neutral

Max. temperature
120 °C

Welding strength
1 500 N (DIN 53363)

Stretch strength
8 500 N / 5 cm

Shear strength
1 500 N (DIN 53356)
Miko Salvage Plaster Kevlar Reinforced 02