DOUBLEPOWER!! SEA Marine & Offshore Luminaire


The new doublepower!! SEA LED luminaire is extremely durable, specifically designed for Marine and Offshore operations.

A high luminaire efficacy up to 184lm/W with a long life span of 80.000 hours  (L80B10). The luminaire is IP68 protected (salt water resistant) with a breather and is available with a UV stable polycarbonate (clear or opal) or tempered borosilicated glass tube body. Optional available with an emergency battery. Comes with 6 years warranty minimum. Unique is that the luinaire can be ordered in many lighting characteristics 40°, 60°, 90° and 110°, even asymetric characteristics available. Quick and easy installation and anti-corrosive mounting rings. Choice between connector IP68 or cable gland. The body diameter is 80mm.

Available in High Efficiency (HE) and High Output (HO) type. 

4 different lengths available 1 up to 4 module.

1 module HE 9,6W (1570 lumen) or HO 14,2W (2215 lumen) length 44,5cm

2 module HE 19,1W (3144 lumen) or HO 28,4W (4431 lumen) length 72,5cm

3 module HE 28,65W (4717 lumen) or HO 42,6W (6647 lumen) length 100,5cm

4 module HE 38,2W (6288 lumen) or HO 56,8W (8862 lumen) length 128,5cm

To prove the doublepower!! SEA is completely watertight IP68