Denfoil Tie Tags

Denfoil Temporary Tie Tags

For temporary marking of items and areas for safety reasons. Mostly used during maintenance jobs. The Tags are printed on a 0.2mm ridgid plast with a field where an authorised person can add his signature and date with a pen or fineliner.

Tie Tags are packed per 10 pieces.

Dimensions are 75x140mm

Fitted with a hole for easy fixing with a cable ty.

See page 56 of the Denfoil Catalogue. IMPA numbers are included.

75DF125001KE Tie Tag Poison Denfoil75DF125002KE Tie Tag Asbestos Denfoil75DF125003KE Tie Tag Caution Denfoil75DF125004KE Tie Tag Corrosive Denfoil







75DF125005KE Tie Tag Current On Denfoil75DF125006KE Tie Tag Live Wires Denfoil75DF125007KE Tie Tag Defective Equipment Denfoil75DF125008KE Tie Tag Explosive Denfoil







75DF125009KE Tie Tag Flammable Denfoil75DF125010KE Tie Tag Gas Denfoil

75DF125011KE Tie Tag Harmful Denfoil75DF125012KE Tie Tag Irritant Denfoil







75DF125050KE Tie Tag Do Not Open Denfoil75DF125051KE Tie Tag Do Not Close Denfoil75DF125052KE Tie Tag Do Not Operate Denfoil75DF125053KE Tie Tag Do Not Operate work in progress Denfoil







75DF125054KE Tie Tag Do Not Move Denfoil75DF125055KE Tie Tag Do Not Start Denfoil75DF125056KE Tie Tag Do Not Switch Off Denfoil75DF125057KE Tie Tag Do Not Switch On Denfoil







75DF125058KE Tie Tag Do Not Touch Denfoil75DF125059KE Tie Tag Do Not Use Denfoil75DF125060KE Tie Tag Do Not Use Maint. in progress Denfoil75DF125061KE Tie Tag Do Not Use Out of order Denfoil







75DF125062KE Tie Tag Locked off do not operate Denfoil75DF125063KE Tie Tag No access to unauth. person Denfoil75DF125064KE Tie Tag Do Not Close Valve Denfoil75DF125065KE Tie Tag Do Not Open Valve Denfoil







75DF125067KE Tie Tag Do Not Start men working in machine Denfoil75DF125068KE Tie Tag Do Not Use empty cylinder Denfoil75DF125066KE Tie Tag Keep Out Denfoil