Swiss Stair Tread Covers

Swiss Solutions Slip Grip Stair Tread Covers 

Slip Grip Stair Tread Covers & Riser Plates products provides a covering of the entire step and landing areas, is generally used where slip hazards are present. A special hard wearing grit is applied in the top surface that not only provides an extremely slip resistant surface but also withstands the rigours of even the busiest of environments.

There is a choice between 4 different types of Stair Tread Covers. The most used one is the Heavy Duty with a guarantee of 10 years, the Extreme Core is for the most demanding foot traffic areas, the Precision Alu is designed for stairs where aesthetics are important and the Budget is for low foot traffic areas.

Slip Grip is extremely easy to install and well within the capabilities of most maintenance departments. Complete with a contrasting coloured nosing, Slip Grip also ensures that the DDA legislation obligations are satisfied.

For big areas connected to the stairs there are Swiss Solutions Slip Grip Flat Sheets. This is the same product as the Stair Tread HD & Budget and the special GRP Riser Plate but available in big dimensions with a maximum of 2400 x 1200mm. The thickness of the sheets are similar to the Stair Treads. Available in the same colours as the Stair Treads.