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GalaLED is a revolutionary model of portable, temporary work lighting intended for use in the marine industry – shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance, offshore, oil and gas and construction industries.

Due to its low, safety operating voltages – 24VAC, 42VAC, 110VAC/VDC and 24 VDC all GalaLED lighting models can reliably and safely be used during various technological phases and work processes – steel work, sandblasting, high pressure wash and anti-corrosion protection.

All GalaLED lighting models are made of the same high quality robust materials that make them very resistant without the risk of damage or brakeage. The lamps have IP67 degree of protection and mechanical protection IK10.

Compared to traditional work lamps, Gala LED lamps are very practical and easy to use.

The GalaLED work lighting system contributes to increased productivity and safety of workers in accordance with the CENELEC norm HD63751 and increased efficiency of all work processes.

The GalaLED lighting system makes your service and processes cheaper, faster and more competitive.

The GalaLED work lighting system generates significat financial savings in:

  • Energy consumption > 80% in comparison with traditional work lighting
  • Equipment and material used for the new lighting system
  • Lighting maintenance costs
  • Lighting installation time

GalaLED lamps have a very simple connection to power supply. They can be connected to three dimensions of cable – 2 x 1,5mm² and 2 x 2,5mm² for short lines and 2 x 6mm² for longer lines with a bigger number of lamps connected in a series.

The cable connection is located at the top cover of the lamp and is very strong and resistant to shocks and pulls.

Download the Data Link GalaLED brochure for all parameters and extra info

What do you need? We specify the articles below. Th quantity depend on the customers need.

Flat cable 2×2.5mm² to be order per meter article 98DONN18426D3

CEE plug 2-pole 24V article 7703741

Transformer 230Vac – 24Vdc 100Va with 1 outlet article 605165


Transformer 230Vac – 24Vdc 200Va with 2 outlet article 605166

or even bigger (depending on the number of lamps connected) perhaps already availble on site.

Data Link Gala LED BA02 42Vac/dc, 24Vac/dc article 580101

Data Link end piece Kaiser Martin for flat cable article 580112

Data Link Magnetic Holder for flat cable article 580110