TEPEx Ex Grounding Device

TEP Ex grounding and grounding control device GGCD

The TEPEx GGCD is an active grounding system for static grounding and permanent monitoring. Permanent removal of electrostatic charge during filling or emptying tanks (road tracks, railcar tanks, barrels). Two output contacts. Suitbale for Zone 1, 21. Enclosure made from polyester plastic reinforced with glass-fibre in the colour black. Cover with integrated Thermoplastic elastomer gasket, closes with four M6 stainless steel screws. Apparatus category; II 2GD, Explosion protection; Ex db eb mb [ib] IIC T5 Gb, Ex tb [ib] IIIC T80C Db. Environment; -20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50ºC [ATEX], degree of protection IP66 category 1, resistant to shock IK 08; rated voltage 230V±10%, rated current 50 mA, Frequence 50Hz