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The nightlife of a city is defined by its luminaires and the sensation they transmit to us. NTE products are designed to efficiently illuminate and beautify the streets at every turn. The range of LED light fixtures contains a range with a Classic and a Modern look as well. The light fixtures are equipped with the most efficient NTE LED PCB’S 3535 L90B10 with a designed estimated lifespan of >100.000 hour  and spread a pleasant and equal light in the street with an CRI greater than >70.

Do you also prefer such a nice illuminated promenade as BARCELONA and BENIDORM

Less Light Polution in the upper hemisphere

The design of the luminaire and the optics system assembles make it possible the luminous flux in the upper hemisphere to be less than 1% of the total, thus fulfilling the most demanding
anti-pollution requirements.

Multiple optics and light colours available

There are multiple optics (symmetric and asymmetric) available to fulfill the required needs of the customer. Standard light colours are 4000K and 2700K and optional 2200K and AMBER colour.

Extra surface protection

As option for high demanding envirionments, such as coastal areas there are two extra (certified) surface protections available. The NTE Anti-corrosion protection and Anti-Saline protection.


A Classic or Modern appearance, both are possible. A wide range of options in all the different models to meet your requirements.

Choice in housing colours

Standard housing colours aregrey RAL 9007,  antracite grey RAL 7043 and black RAL 9005 and optinal are other RAL colours possible.

Retrofit LED Modules reducing your CO² footprint

NTE Sistemas offers also the possibility to convert your classic lantern to an energy efficient LED lantern with its REF series LED modules. Available in the same light colours as the complete lanterns. Available from 4.000 up to 12.000 lumen for lanterns  up to 10 meter. Many old city centers have monumental buildings and streetlights (pole or wall) with a classic design. Now we can convert them with our new technique to an energy efficient lantern without the need to replace and this saves significantly money and also reduces unwanted waste. This all contributes to a better and more sustainable future and reduces the CO² footprint.

Also for you

Illuminate now in your city or village the streets, walkways, parks, promenades or gardens with the latest technology from NTE-SISTEMAS. All developed and produced in Spain. We can assist you with the right advise.


The entire Avenida del Mediterráneo is illuminated with the NTE CYCLE.