Denfoil Bumper Guards protective profiles

Denfoil Protective Black/Yellow Profiles 

Denfoil’s Protection Profiles, also called protective bumper guards or safety profiles are ideal for mounting in areas with a particular risk such as sharp edges and hard surfaces to provide enhanced personel protection and warn of danger. The protection profiles are made of flexible and resilent polyurethane material with an optimum shock absorption. Edge-protected areas, in shelves and other storage environments will now be extra visible due to the striped black / yellow safety colour. The protection profiles come with a strong adhesive back for easy installation and can be used for indoors and outdoors applications. Most of the profiles are available in 1 meter and 5 meter lengths and can easily be cut to the desired length.

The profile material is polyurethane foam and recyclable material.
The surface of the profiles is hard displaced, polyurethane.
Profiles have no color fading.
The back of the safety profile has acrylic tape with adhesive capacity 21 N / 25mm.
Temperature resistance: -40 ° C to + 100 ° C
Fire classification: DIN 4102 B2.