Denfoil Pipe Marking

RMN and Denfoil Pipe Marking color tapes

According to the regulations 14726-1 (1999) details basic marking of piping systems in accordance with the content and/or function on board ships and marine structures.

ISO 14726-2 (2002) details specific additional colours to be used in conjunction with the main colours in ISO 14726-1

Denfoil Pipemarking

Marking on the pipe is made out of one or two colors as described in the regulations. As extra a flow direction marking tape can be added to the pipe.

The basic colors are available in rolls of 50mm wide and 33 meter long and are heat resistant from -20ºC up to +120ºC.

Colors can be ordered with the following article numbers:

75DF 130.019 Maroon

75DF 130.020 Yellow Ochre

75DF 130.021 Violet

75DF 130.022 Brown

75DF 130.023 Red

75DF 130.024 Grey

75DF 130.025 Black

75DF 130.026 Blue

75DF 130.027 Orange

75DF 130.028 Green

75DF 130.029 Silver

75DF 130.030 White

75DF 130.047 Flow Arrows

The following color combinations are according to the regulations.

How to order?

Each number is build out of 3 rolls wide means 150mm. For example Black water 150.002 is black – blue – black. To order you need the articles 75DF 130.025 & 75DF 130.026 to make this combination.

Denfoil waste media blackDenfoil fresh water blue








Denfoil fuel brownDenfoil non-flammable gases grey








Denfoil masses (dry & wet) maroonDenfoil oil other than fuel orange








Denfoil fire fighting fire protecting redDenfoil acids alkalis violet








Denfoil steam silverDenfoil air in ventilation system white








Denfoil flammable gases yellowDenfoil sea water green