Mascoat has been revolutionizing the way the world insulates and protects surfaces. The reason we are known as the world leader in insulating coatings is because Mascoat is the formulator and manufacturer of all our own insulating coatings. Mascoat focuses on inovation in Thermal Insulation and Sound Damping Coatings. Mascoat is on the market since 1995 and is world leader in Insulating Coatings. Mascoat is a spray applied product which is water based, so a very environmental friendly “green” product (contains No Solvents).

Mascoat Industrial DTI

The Mascoat Industrial coating family is a versatile product line ideal for a range of industrial applications. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries.  This Mascoat Industrial DTI thermal insulating coating is specially develloped for inside and outside industrial applications. Application examples are: storage tanks and tank roofs, sugar factories, boilers, steam pipes, thermal oil pipes, Heavy Fuel tanks, heat exchangers etc.

Mascoat Industrial AC

Mascoat Industrial-AC is a specially formulated version of Mascoat’s already successful and widely-used Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating. Throughout the years of making it, Mascoat’s lab has been researching special materials that would play a major role in redesigning the product to specifically attack and prevent condensation in industrial environments.

Mascoat Industrial-AC is a composite ceramic insulation coating that reduces or completely eliminates condensation, provides an insulating barrier, protects personnel and equipment, and blocks corrosion – all in one easy-to-apply product.

Mascoat Industrial-AC is applied via airless spray systems, reducing installation costs and time. Also, because it is applied directly to the substrate, the substrate is viewable at all times. This allows for easy maintenance and inspection without total shutdown, breakdown or downtime.

Mascoat Industrial-AC (Anti-Condensation) Overview

  • Superior condensation protection
  • Eliminates the possibility of Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Allows for inspection of substrate without removal
  • Fast cure times
  • Low VOC product
  • Easy application to irregular surfaces


Condensation is caused by a difference in temperature between two sides of a surface, resulting in one surface being lower than the dew point. When the temperature falls below the dew point, water vapor is released next to the surface, resulting in condensation. In some industrial applications, this is hard to overcome.

When condensation occurs, workplaces run the serious risk of severe accidents, equipment is subjected to water that can cause corrosion, and biological growth can cause health issues. To reduce the chance for condensation to occur, a thermal barrier is needed to buffer the temperature to at least 1.5°F above the dew point. That barrier is Mascoat Industrial-Anti-Condensation.

Mascoat Marine DTM

Offering superior protection for the harsh marine environment, the Mascoat Marine product line includes composite ceramic coatings designed for thermal insulation, condensation protection and improved vessel longevity. Mascoat  Marine DTM coating meets the IMO/SOLAS guidelines and has got all major Marine Approvals like DNV, ABS, Lloyd’s etc. Mascoat  Marine DTM is also approved and used by the US-Navy and US Coast Guard and is NAVSEA approved for anti-sweat. Mascoat Marine DTM is world wide use in the Super-Yachts building, commercial vessels, supplyboats, tugboats, workboats, fast crew tenders and offshore platforms.

Mascoat Sound Control DB

Designed to protect personnel from vibration and substrate-transmitted noise, Mascoat’s Sound Control product line is one of the lightest and rapidly-applied sound damping solutions on the market. This family of coatings is proven to dampen sound and reduce the effects of mechanical noise. Mascoat Sound Control DB is lightweight in compare to damping tiles. Approved by all major Marine Societies like DNV, ABS, Lloyd’s etc. Mascoat Sound Control DB Coating meets the IMO/SOLAS guidelines. The product is an excellent vapor barrier and is when needed easily repairable. Mascoat Sound Control DB is used in the Super-Yacht building, Tugboats, Supplyboats, Workboats, Commercial vessels and for industrial applications.

Mascoat WeatherBloc IC

Mascoat WeatherBloc products are ceramic coatings created specifically for building and interior insulation. Applying Mascoat’s weather-resistant coatings are an affordable way to reduce energy use, stabilize indoor climate and improve internal comfort. Applied on buildings and work-containers to get a better temperature inside and protects against condensation.

Mascoat Transportation

The Mascoat Transportation family was developed to lower heat and sound transfer in large, OEM vehicles. Our transportation products reduce solar/engine heat gain, dampen annoying vibrations and stabilize interior cabin and cargo temperatures. The latest product developed by Mascoat. At this moment only available in the USA.

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