Mascoat a Division of SEAL FOR LIFE

Mascoat has been revolutionizing the way the world insulates and protects surfaces. The reason we are known as the world leader in insulating coatings is because Mascoat is the formulator and manufacturer of all our own insulating coatings. Mascoat focuses on inovation in Thermal Insulation and Sound Damping Coatings. Mascoat is on the market since 1995 and is world leader in Insulating Coatings. Mascoat is a spray applied product which is water based, so a very environmental friendly “green” product (contains No Solvents).

Mascoat Industrial DTI

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is designed to be a multi-purpose coating, providing insulation, protecting substrates and personnel, and preventing corrosion under insulation issues. This industrial thermal insulation coating product fulfills niche market areas of temperatures under 350°F on all types of substrates. It is available for sale in 5-gallon pails and colors including black, white, light gray, and gray.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating works not only to reduce temperatures but also provides energy savings, thermal insulation, and personnel protection all in an easy spray-on application. The product is applied in 20 mil (0.50 mm) coats directly to the substrate or primer. It provides excellent protection against surface corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI). Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating employs only the best materials and has been specifically engineered in our own formulation lab for thermal insulating performance and long-lasting durability. Our coatings are capable of sustained working loads of 350°F (177°C). When companies are adhering to industry standards like NACE/AMPP TM 24213 concerning personnel protection and API RP 583 concerning Corrosion Under Insulation, Mascoat Industrial-DTI helps to protect people and surfaces alike.

Mascoat Industrial AC

Mascoat Industrial-AC (anti-condensation) is a specially formulated version of Mascoat’s already successful and widely-used Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating designed to combat condensation in industrial environments. Over the years, our lab has been researching special materials that would play a major role in redesigning the product to specifically attack and prevent condensation. The result is a composite, moisture-resistant insulation coating that reduces or completely eliminates condensation, provides an insulating barrier, protects personnel and equipment and prevents corrosion – all in one easy-to-apply product.

Mascoat Industrial-AC is applied via airless spray systems, reducing installation cost and time. Also, because it is applied directly to the substrate, the substrate is viewable at all times. This allows for easy maintenance and inspection without total shutdown, breakdown or downtime.

Mascoat Industrial HR

Mascoat Industrial-HR (highly reflective) insulation coating is designed to thermally insulate substrates and contains highly reflective particles that help block the sun’s UV rays. By blocking these rays, the coating efficiently reduces the amount of solar loading from the sun which can raise internal temperatures.

Unlike reflective rooftop coatings, Mascoat Industrial-HR is a multi-use product specially formulated to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment. It is a microscopic matrix of air-encapsulated particles which are suspended in a high-grade acrylic binder with highly reflective ingredients to reflect UV rays. The coating’s high-tech formulation is designed to be spray-applied, improving equipment aesthetics while protecting substrates, safeguarding contents and preventing corrosion.

Gasoline storage tanks, in particular, need to be insulated against radiant heat gain to maintain product levels and integrity. Unnecessary heating from the sun in these tanks can lead to liquid gas turning into a vapor. This vapor is highly explosive and must be vented into the atmosphere regularly to ensure the integrity of the tank and the product within. By using a product with the superior formulation of Mascoat Industrial-HR, companies will save money on lost product and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.

Mascoat Industrial DTX

Mascoat leads the industry in high-tech, premium insulation coatings. One of our newest coatings, Mascoat Industrial-DTX,  is a epoxy formulation specially engineered for aggressive industrial environments where it reduces or completely prevents condensation, protects substrates and prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Industrial-DTX is specifically designed to be a multi-purpose coating that solves painting and insulating issues.

Utilizing materials specially designed to combat condensation, the Mascoat research and development team created Industrial-DTX to solve the moisture problems that plague plants, refineries, mills, factories and anywhere else persistent condensation is an issue. While conventional insulation wicks moisture and breaks down when regularly exposed to water, Industrial-DTX withstands condensation, humidity and regular cleaning without adverse effects. Its durable, moisture-resistant design requires little maintenance for years to come—so you’ll save money and manpower.

Industrial-DTX is a two-part coating installed via airless sprayer, making it ideal to use on uneven surfaces and tight spaces. After application, substrates can be quickly inspected since they remain entirely viewable.

Mascoat Marine DTM

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a composite coating exclusively designed for harsh marine environments that provides thermal and anti-condensation protection. This highly effective coating is a water-based, one-part coating comprised of air-filled particulates held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance-free, providing a thermal barrier and anti-condensation capabilities for shipboard construction.

Mascoat Marine-DTM is in use on thousands of marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica. This coating can replace or work in conjunction with most blanket and foam insulation products. A key product benefit is substantial reduction of weight which helps keep vessels within stringent marine codes and classifications. It is easy to apply to stiffeners and other tight areas without adding excess weight. The coating bonds directly to the substrate or primer, leaving no room for corrosion to take hold. Direct bonding gives the coating the ability to protect your vessel without degradation of the substrate for many years to come. By using Mascoat Marine-DTM coating system, you can rest assured that your vessel is protected and that the interior accommodations will be comfortable. Mascoat Marine-DTM also enhances sound reduction or soundproofing of vessels from airborne structural noise. The coating is capable of a 1-3 dB drop in airborne structural noise or a 28 SRC factor.

Mascoat Sound Control DB4

Mascoat Sound Control-dB has been trusted by marine, transportation and industrial companies worldwide since 1995 to provide effective, long-lasting vibration and noise reduction in a coating form. Building on that trust, Mascoat released the newest version of Sound Control-dB (MSC-dB4) in 2021 with drastically improved sound damping characteristics, especially under 300 Hz, and higher application film builds. This results in better performance and quicker application times.

The coating’s revolutionary technology minimizes loud vibration due to structural translation and mechanical output, which significantly increases safety and ensures vessel comfort for crew and passengers. Typical application thicknesses range from 40–160 mils (1–4 mm), depending on the application. Whether you utilize Mascoat Sound Control-dB4 to dampen noise from pumps, engines, machine housing or ductwork, you can expect superior performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. Though it requires minimal application effort, the coating lasts for years without maintenance and reduces annual repair expenditures for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).

The new and improved water-based formulation allows for safe and easy addition of multiple coats depending on the project scope. Mascoat Sound Control-dB4 contains no toxic ingredients and is low in VOCs, making it safe for use in virtually any environment.

Mascoat WeatherBloc HRC

Mascoat WeatherBloc-HRC is the premier reflective insulation coating choice for commercial roofs. Developed to improve energy efficiency and save on utility bills, WeatherBloc-HRC combines true thermal insulation with a durable reflective paint. It even offers thermal protection on cloudy days!

WeatherBloc-HRC contains high-quality particles encased in a high-grade acrylic emulsion. The result is a spray-on thermal insulating coating that reduces radiative and conducted heat to produce dramatic temperature differentials. The radiant barrier insulation product goes on like paint, and unlike reflective roof/sidewall coatings it can be used underneath or on top of walls and roofs. When used on substrate exteriors, this roof coating resists weathering, reduces condensation and lasts for years without reapplication.

Mascoat Transportation

The Mascoat Transportation family was developed to lower heat and sound transfer in large, OEM vehicles. Our transportation products reduce solar/engine heat gain, dampen annoying vibrations and stabilize interior cabin and cargo temperatures. The latest product developed by Mascoat. At this moment only available in the USA.

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