DOUBLEPOWER!! SKY LED Luminaires – more than just a High Bay

This luminaires are specifically designed for the most demanding installations. They are applied in extreme conditions even at very high temperatures.


An extreme high efficacy of the luminaire up to 180 Lumen/W.

A modular construction with the possibility to arrange more modules in series or in parralel, the possibility to apply one or more drivers for the set. An extreme high lifetime > 80.000 hours (L80B10) for the complete fixture including the LED sources and drivers. Full 8 year manufacturer guarantee.

A special technique and used materials ensures perfect and rapid heat dissipation.

The SKY luminaire is designed in a way to withstand the operating conditions where extreme dustiness and other environmental challenges occur. The heat dissipation function is ensured even in conditions when massive accumulation of dust or grease on the lighting fixture occures (e.g. in the foundries), due to the following features: For calculating the necessary lighting fixture surface for efficient heat dissipation, horizontal parts are not included. The cooling profiles are adequately dimensioned to ensure efficient heat dissipation even when the profile is covered with dust in demanding industrial operations. The cooling fins are positioned vertically on the bottom part of the lighting fixture, which prevents the accumulation of dust on the cooling fins. The luminaire’s body is dimensioned not only with the respect to surface area, but also with respect to the thickness of the body at key areas, in a way to ensure the heat dissipation possible is as quick as possible. The modular construction of the Doublepower SKY luminaire and the assembly system, which will adapt to any limitations within industrial operations, reduce the installation and maintenance cost

Luminaire heat management
The doublepower!! SKY luminaire is built for reliable and long-lasting operation at ambient temperatures of –30 °C to +50 °C and as TaMAX version  –40 °C to +65 °C (tested at 75ºC).

For installation heights from 4 to 30 meter