Miko Marine Tank Sealer Kit

Miko Marine Tank Sealer Kit

The Tank Sealer Kit is a quick, easy and flexible first barrier against leakages on storage tanks and oil cisterns.

The two sizes of Miko Plaster® included in the kit are fitted with a neoprene sheet in the centre and magnetic nitrile rubber along the edges. The magnetic rubber will adhere to the steel surface of the tank while the soft neoprene centre will seal against the damage, preventing leakage into the environment.

External anchor magnets (MAM-003 and MAM-Light) are applied to the outside of the neoprene centre to compress the patch against the damaged area and limit the leakage.

The equipment can be used both above and below the waterline.

The Miko Marine Tank Sealer Kit combined with the Miko Marine Pipe Sealer Kit serves as a comprehensive preparedness tool for oil spill prevention at any tank farm or processing plant.

• 1 pcs 750 x 750 mm Neoprene Miko Plaster
• 1 pcs 750 x 1050 mm Neoprene Miko Plaster
• 2 pcs MAM-003 Miko Anchor Magnet
• 4 pcs MAM-Light Miko Anchor Magnet
• IP 54-rated storage and transportation case

Gross weight
56 kg

785 x 525 x 450 mm