Hatch Cover Tapes & Marine Tapes

Hatch Cover Tapes and other Marine Tapes

RMN offers a wide range of Marine Tapes:

Anti-splashing tape for Ship’s engine room
For preventing outbreak of a fire caused by a splash of combustible oil, such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. from oil pipes connected to an engine or a generator in a ships engine room.
Solas approved and BV/ABS/DNV approved.

Number      Description           IMPA
97871801       35 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871801
97871802      50 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871802
97871808      75 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871808
97871804    100 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871804
97871803    140 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871803
97871807    250 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871807
97871805    500 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871805
97871806  1000 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 871806

Anti-corrosion tape for pipes and parts.
For long term protection of metal surfaces that are underground, underwater, or exposed – even in the most severe environment. It consists of a cold applied system of petrolatum based PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion tape, Petrowrap primer and when necessary PetroWrap mastic. PetroWrap adheses to surfaces without heating even on damp and/or indifferently prepared areas.
This tapes are also used for anti-corrosion protection of machine parts during transport. Very useful for protection of pipes on deck of seagoing vessels.

Number   Description           IMPA
940316P     50 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 812471
940317P   100 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 812472
940318P   150 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 812473
940319P   200 mm x 10 meter   IMPA 812474

Ramnek Marine Tapes – Hatch Cover Tapes 
MT201 – Ramnek Marine Tape
Is a single component, factory extruded 1,22 meter long strip of high-adhesive plastic formed to the proper cross-section between two protective wrappers, one of which is siliconen coated for easy stripping (brown paper). The other is non removable clear polypropylene covering which remains in place over the adhesive to allow “foot pressure” on the tape during application. It offers the ultimate protection for water sensitive cargo and provides that extra confidence in protected cargo. It can help protect against the number one cause of cargo damage – leaking covers.

Number          Description                                                                  IMPA
94RAM1003    Ramnek 3″ = 75mm, box of 60 strips of 1,22 mtr        IMPA 232461
94RAM1005    Ramnek 4,3″ = 110mm, box of 30 strips of 1,22 mtr   IMPA 232462
94RAM1006    Ramnek 6″ = 150mm, box of 30 strips of 1,22 mtr      IMPA 232463

MT212- Maritape 40 Hatch cover tape, thickness 40 mills.
Is recommended for marine applications where the weather and sea conditions can be moderate and predictable, and only demand a medium strength tape. Makes it possible to aquire reliable, flexible and effective medium duty sealing for the hatch cover. Offers far greater strength than duct tape but does not quite equal the HD critical strength Marine Tape.

Number         Description                                                                   IMPA
94RAM1000    Maritape 40-4″ = 100mm, box 4 rolls of 15,25 mtr    IMPA 232456
94RAM1001     Maritape 40-6″ = 150mm, box 4 rolls of 15,25 mtr    IMPA 232457

Treo ™ Marine Wraps
A unique marine insulation system that protects equipment and personnel from high temperature surfaces in vessel engine rooms. Treo™ Marine Wraps is a complete system made from harmless biosolube vitreous silicate fibre with a heat sealed aluminium foil. Available in tape and blanket format. Treo™ is applied in one step eliminating the need for custom made time consuming layered insulation. Can be easliy removed and is rated for use up to 1.000°C.

Number    Description                               IMPA
97813871      50 x 3 mm x 7.7 mtr tape           IMPA 813871
97813872    100 x 12 mm x 3.3 mtr tape         IMPA 813872
97813873    300 x 25 mm x 7.7 mtr blanket   IMPA 813873
97813874    600 x 25 mm x 7.7 mtr blanket   IMPA 813874

Denfoil Solas Tape
Special high visibility self-adhesive tape for lifeboat marking, lifevest marking, route marking. Approved by IMO-SOLAS for seagoing vessels with official steering wheel mark approval. Denfoil Solas Tape provides an enormous high reflective value to improve safety at sea.

Number              Description      IMPA
75DF130265         50mm x 45mtr.   IMPA  330189

Barrier Tapes
Rolls of 500 meter polyethylene tape. Non-adhesive. For temporary use.


Number Description                                 IMPA
000294    80mm x 500mtr yellow/black     IMPA 331199
000295    80mm x 500mtr red/white          IMPA   N/A