Miko Marine ROV Magnet

Miko Marine ROV MAGNET


Miko Marine Heather ROV Magnet

The switchable Miko ROV magnet has a fully mechanical on/off function and a holding force of 750 kg* when activated. Shear force is dependent on surface conditions. Approx. 1/3 shear force to holding force ration (frictional coefficient).

By virtue of the modular design, the magnet can be tailored to any application. The handles can be replaced to fit all common types of ROV manipulator claws, while the bracket can be replaced by for example a camera or a torch.

The magnet is deactivated by pushing the handles together (needed force up to 300kg) – and activated when the ROV releases its grip. This allows for the gentle handling of painted subsea installations, fragile wrecks and other underwater steel structures.

Friction is enhanced by the Neoprene sides, which improves the adhesion to the steel surface as well as the ROV grabber. The stainless steel housing, combined with a high quality pressure compensator, provides corrosion resistance and full ocean depth rating.

Typical areas of usage are:
• Stabilizing ROVs (welding inspections etc.)
• Temporary storage of ROV tools
• Fixing points for lights and/or cameras

The magnet is shipped in a package suitable for air freight.

Miko Marine Switchable-ROV-Magnet


Holding Force
750 kg*

200 x 312 mm

Net Weight
24 kg

Submerged Weight
19 kg

Quantity in Box
1 pcs

Depth Rating
Full ocean depth

*Refers to the perpendicular holding force when applied directly onto a clean mild steel plate of minimum thickness 30 mm.

RMN Article number 75MIK10500