Wencon® Repair Kit

Wencon Repair Kits

Having a Wencon Repair Kit on board not only equips you with a first-aid kit for performing necessary, emergency repairs, but also a kit for day-to-day maintenance.

Everything is available straight away for the tasks at hand. Each Wencon Repair Kit contains several Wencon epoxy-based products and a Repair Manual.

The Repair Manual specifies many of the most frequently occurring repairs and maintenance routines in detail. The senior inspector on land will also be furnished with a Wencon Repair Manual.

The standard kits shown here have been compiled to meet the needs of most ships and offshore rigs.  The contents of Wencon Repair Kits can also be customised to fulfil your
precise preferences and requirements. For Tankers and Drybulk vessels Wencon developed specific Wencon Repair and Maintenance Kits.
A handy tool during docking of your vessel is the Wencon Docking Kit, available in a Standard and an Extended version.
For repair of GRE Pipes we offer 3 different GRE Pipe Repair Kits.  Special developed for diameters up to 1000mm.
Wencon Repair Kit number 1, 8701 IMPA 812341 ISSA 75.553.70
Wencon Repair Kit number 2, 8704 IMPA 812331 ISSA 75.553.71
Wencon Repair Kit number 3, 8708 IMPA 812332 ISSA 75.553.72
Wencon Repair Kit number 4, 8712 IMPA 812333 ISSA 75.553.73


Wencon Tanker Kit, 8710 IMPA 812326 ISSA N.A.


Wencon Drybulk Kit, 8732 IMPA N.A. ISSA N.A.


Wencon Docking Kit Standard, 8722 IMPA N.A. ISSA N.A.


Wencon Docking Kit Extended, 8721, IMPA N.A. ISSA N.A.


Wencon Fixation Tools, 2808 IMPA N.A. ISSA N.A.

Wencon GRE Ballast Pipe & Scrubber Pipe Repair Kits.

∅250 mm article 108820, Kit 8740

∅500 mm article 108821, Kit 8741

∅1000 mm article 108823, Kit 8742

Application datasheet GRE Pipe Repair Methode