Wencon® Safety Information

Wencon Material Safety Data Sheets

With the new revised Wencon MSDS, the sheets are no longer part of the manual. There is now a new book that contains all Wencon MSDS sheets.  All separate Wencon MSDS sheets are easy to download from this website or from the Wencon website www.wencon.com

Wencon MSDS are available in a booklet form, see attachments for the digital versions.

Wencon Products are non corrosive.

Important news regarding Transport of Wencon products PDF

New Dangerous Goods Regulation valid from 1st of January 2015 means that all Wencon products, except Wencon Cleaner, now can be transported by courier, directly to final destination. Please see new Dangerous Goods regulation below:
Packages containing environmentally hazardous substance or mixture meeting the criteria of UN 3082 (most Wencon products), no longer need to be marked with the environmentally hazardous substance mark, when being transported in single or combination packages, containing a net quantity per single or inner packaging of 5 L or less.

Wencon MSDS Book