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Ega Master Controlled Tightening

In many maintenance and production processes it is necessary to conduct statistical control over previously tightened fasteners. This control is generally carried out by re-tightening the screws until they show a displacement (called the just move test) and recording the torque just at the point the fastener began to move.

The accuracy of the recorded torque depends on the abilities of the user, since it is necessary to perform the tightening operation in a progressive and careful manner; the movement of the fastener and the torque reading occur at the same time; making the precise recording of the original torque even more difficult, so the actual values recorded in this manner can represent a considerable deviation in the real torque that was intended to be measured.

In order to overcome these factors which lead to reading inaccuracies, EGA Master has developed its torque checking qc wrenches. They register the original tightening torque of the fastener by means of an innovative system that registers the torque at the same time that the fastener starts to turn, thanks to its rotation angle sensor (registering the torque’s value when it detects a turn of 3º).

The measured torque depends on the speed of the operation: the slower the operation, the more precise the result will be. The display might show an error message if the process is carried out too fast.

The range from Ega Master contains many different possibilities with the latest models with Data Recording and communication system (for models with communication cable). With audible and light warning system for the 9 pre-setting torques etc.

Download the Controlled Tightening catalogue No. 10 for all the possibilities


Ega Master also offer a Torque Tester and a complete range of Torque Multipliers