Denfoil IMO signs

RMN and Denfoil IMO signs

Are symbols to be used accordance with the regulation III/9.22 of the Solas convention, as amended.

These signs are available as Self-adhesive photoluminescent signs (PV) and as Ridgid PVC photoluminescent signs (PR). The most common used is the PV version. Denfoil is unique with printing the PV signs on high quality 3M foil. The PR signs are printed direct on a top quality photoluminescent PVC.

The Denfoil IMO signs are available with and without text. IMPA codes are showed in the catalogue which makes it easy to order. See below Denfoil catalogue pages  5 to 9.

Denfoil Imo Symbols without text 01

Denfoil Imo Symbols without text 02

Denfoil Imo Symbols without text 03

Denfoil Imo Symbols with text 01Denfoil Imo Symbols with text 02