DOUBLEPOWER!! AIR LED Extremely Effective Line LED Luminaires for less demanding operations

The doublepower!! AIR is specifically designed for local lighting, spaces where quality control takes place, clean warehouses, workshops  etc. and even for applications with ambient temperatures up to +50°C. The Doublepower AIR is the most effective substitute for fluorescent luminaires in less demanding industrial environments. Available in HE (High Efficiency aand HO (High Output) version.

doublepower!! AIR luminaires can be equiped with a diffuser which further lowers the glare (UGR) values. The luminaire is designed for a life-span of at least 100.000 hours with a 5 year guarantee.

Protection IP43. Available with an IP68 GESIS connector and M6 nut pre-installed in the natch allow for fast and variable installation. Standard light colour is 4000K but optional also in 3000K, 5000K and 6500K version. The luminaires are extremely energy efficient and available with an output of 3.144 lumen up to 13.292 lumen.

We can easily show this cost effective LED luinaire in our warehouse where we achieved a saving on energy consumption of > 75% with three times more light output on the floor. Products are now very good visible on the shelves.