Wencon® Fillers

Wencon Aggegrate and Wencon Ceramic Filler

Sometimes you need to strengthen your repair, by combining the repair compound or coating with a wear resistant granulate (Wencon Aggregate). Wencon Mixed Filler is a custom made filler to be mixed with epoxy products, if you need to improve durability, such as in Water jets or Suction Wells.

The Wencon Aggegrate is available in 2 different grit sizes No. 16 and No. 24 and is very useful for making a non-slip surface. Just add it in the top of a layer Wencon Coating to achieve a durable non-slip surface area.

Wencon Mixed Filler

Wencon Aggegrate No. 24 for a non-slip surface.

Wencon Aggegrate Non-Slip Surface

Wencon Aggegrate No. 16,  1140 

Wencon Aggegrate No. 24  1150

Wencon Mixed Ceramic Filler  1171