Wencon® Repair Manual

Wencon Repair Manual
The Wencon Repair Manual is designed to be an important tool for technical supervisors and technical crew alike.
The Wencon Repair Manual contains:
1. Detailed product descriptions
2. User instructions
3. Safety data sheets
4. Comprehensive information on pre-treatment
5. A wide number of specific repair guidelines
6. Copies of class approvals.
Wencon Repair Manual
The illustrated step-by-step instructions facilitate communications between the ship and the inspection unit on land, thereby enabling the crew to carry out repair and maintenance tasks successfully; most importantly, however, these clear instructions increase the rate of successful repairs at the first attempt.
The Wencon Repair Manual is available in a hard copy edition or you can download it from our website: www.wencon.com.
The Wencon Repair Manual is available in the following language versions:
English, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Polish, France, Bulgarian and German.