Swiss Slip Grip Flat Sheet

Swiss Solutions Slip Grip Flat Sheet

For significant slip resistance solutions. It’s a product which is produced in a maximum size of 2400x1200mm sheet and provides a dependable surface for walkways, industrial flooring, gangways, ramps and many other areas, meaning even in oily conditions or during rain, users risk of slipping is reduced. Utilizing a clever combination of silicone and carbon grit, this sheeting absorbs energy well, meaning high traffic levels aren’t a problem. It’s even resistant to many chemicals making it an excellent product for use within workplaces of many kinds, especially as it can be installed on a range of existing surfaces like concrete, steel, wood etc.

Slip Grip Flat Sheet is been used a lot in combination with Slip Grip Stair Tread to cover all areas in stairways and walkways. Available in the same colors, black, yellow and stone color ensures it a pleasing aestethic long term look.

There are 2 different types of Flat Sheets. The Heavy Duty sheet is specifically designed for heavy duty traffic and is equiped with an extreme core grit. The Budget sheet is more for low traffic areas both industrial and commercial and are equiped with standard grit. The Heavy Duty sheets are also thicker than the standard sheets and this gives a longer life time to the sheet. As standard we always offer the Heavy Duty sheets due to its high quality and strength.

Benefits are:

* Anti-slip surface

* Hard wearing and durable

* Installs over virtually any surface

* Choice in colours

* Choice in dimensions

* Easy to clean, low maintenance cost.

See article numbers, dimensions and colours.