Wencon® Pipe Tape

Wencon Pipe Tape the instant repair bandage for leaking pipes

Easy to apply, ready for use in 10 seconds and cures in 10 minutes.

Suitable for all pipes and surfaces and for diameters up to DN300.

No mixing required, water activated. In combination with the Wencon Putty able to withstand high pressures up to 50 bar. Even higher pressures are achieved during testing at the Danish Force Institute (leakages occured between 155 and 175 bar during test on 5 different pipes of a diameter of 50mm and a length of approx. 260mm). Test certificate available.

Available in different dimensions.

Check the video below how to apply

Wencon Pipe Tape 2 unit pack 1044

Wencon Pipe Tape 5 unit pack 1045 IMPA 812344 ISSA 75.553.30

Wencon Pipe Tape 4 unit pack 1046 IMPA 812348 ISSA 75.553.31

Wencon Pipe Tape + Putty 2 unit pack 1047

Wencon Pipe Tape + Putty 5 unit pack 1048