Miko Marine Magnetic Miko Plaster

Miko Plaster®

Miko Marine Magnetic Miko Plaster® is a registered trademark and covers a large variety of patches for stopping leak.

The patented Magnetic Miko Plaster is a magnetic tarpaulin qualified by DNV GL for sealing off sea chests, water inlets and outlets directly in the water. The seal is achieved by the water pressure coupled with the magnetic adhesion between the patch and the steel surface. The magnetic tarpaulins are designed for long term storage and are not demagnetized after use.

The outer layer is a polyester-reinforced PVC matting, strong enough to lift an average car with a 50 mm wide stripe. The inner layer is a nitrile rubber sheeting that provides the magnetic holding force as well as strong frictional force and sealing effect against the steel surface. The larger sizes of Miko Plaster are equipped with a buoyancy sheet to facilitate easy handling under water.

The magnetic tarpaulins are produced in Norway and standard sizes can delivered quickly to site in in urgent situations. Standard sizes are available in the Emergency Response Bag and the Tanker Kit together with supplementary tools for installation. Customized magnetic tarpaulins are supplied in any shape and size.

Miko Marine Miko-Plaster

Standard sizes

0,45m x 0,5m / 0,45m x 0,83m / 0,9m x 1,25m / 2,25m x 2,5m / 4,5m x 5,0m

Magnetic holding force
100 g / cm2

Weight in air
9,0 kg / m2

Weight in water
5,5 kg / m2 (or slightly positive with buoyancy sheet)

Lifting lug holding capacity
350 kg each

Max. temperature
120 °C

3,5 mm

Stretch strength
8 500 N / 5 cm

Shear strength
1 500 N (DIN 53356)

Welding strength
1 500 N (DIN 53363)