Ega Master Pliers


A full range of pliers is available. Many of the pliers are fitted with Ega Masters unique Titacrom® surface treatment, which makes the tool rust-proof and anti-chipping off, it is non-reflecting and a very attractive finishing. The BiMat® 2-component ergonomic and anti-slippery handles provide comfortable gripping. Cutting capacity is +60% with this special patented tools.

Many of these tools are also available as Non-Spark tool, 1000V insulated (Non-Spark) tool, ESD tool and Anti-Drop Safety tool. See the special Ega Master Safety Catalogue.






Ega Master Anti-Drop tools are according to the new rules of the Drops organization for safe working at heights.

The most used pliers are also available as Ega Master Plier Set in a nice looking zipper pouch.

Ega Master Plier set 68477









Titacrom® electricians end cutting nipper 1000V insulated.

Ega Master Electrician end cutting nipper 76599




Titacrom® electricians diagonal mini cutting plier

Ega Master Electronic plier 62247









Ratched electrician cable cutter for copper cables up to 400mm² and aluminium cables up to 600mm²

Ega Master Ratched electrician cable cutter 62538







Automatic ratched crimping plier for Coax – BNC – TNC Connectors

Ega Master Automatic crimping plier for Coax BNC TNC Connector 62597





ESD Electro Static Discharge pliers

Ega Master ESD diagonal cutting plier 64736









Ega Master Telephone plier 62339




Titacrom® telephone plier with the BiMat® ergonomic anti-slip handles

Ega Master Auto Adjusting box joint 62706




NEW Unique self adjusting spring released box joint (waterpump plier) available in 3 dimensions with a jaw opening up to 71mm.

Ega Master Grip Plier for narrow places 56182





NEW unique grip pliers for narrow spaces with an one hand release system.

Ega Master Tower Pincer with auto opening system 62281




Titacrom®  Tower Pincer with an Auto opening system for fast and easy working