Swiss Slip Grip FlexiLite

Swiss Solutions Slip Grip Flexi Lite Flat Sheet is a nominally 1 mm thick flexible GRP sheet with an anti slip grit top surface, ideally suited for use in low traffic areas and available in the colours Black, Yellow and White. The product is constructed using flexible resins, which allows the sheet to be laid on undulating surfaces and walkways where a less flexible sheet may not be suitable.

Slip Resistance

Like standard Swiss Solutions products, a compound of a special formula of grit is added in the final layer of laminate providing an excellent slip resistant and hard wearing surface.

Versatile material

As SlipGrip Flexi Lite is made from 1 mm thick flexible resins it allows for the material to be laid over substrates that are not completely flat and will mould to the substrate shape.

Simple to install

The FlexiLite sheets can be simply bonded down to the substrate using a suitable structural adhesive.


SlipGrips Flexi Lite is available in different sizes. The larger sheets allow for simple fast installation of larger areas. The 600mm sheets allow for easy replacement of damaged areas, without the need to purchase full sized sheets. The sheets can be easily cut into the required dimensions.