DOUBLEPOWER!! RAY LED Luminaires for high rack aisles up to 12 mtr

The doublepower!! RAY luminaire is an unique concept with a special optic system for consistent and highly efficient illumination of both shelf aisles and the goods in the shelf.

A variable combination of various optics and lighting characteristics in one luminaire.

Long-term high efficiency, very slow decrease of luminous flux over time. A modular design optical with a separated part and part with the electronics.

Highly variable mounting system for most of the common mounting and hanging systems.

Protected IP54 and a warranty up to 10 years meaning lifetime of luminaire including electronics guaranteed min. 100.000 hours.

The doublepower!! RAY luminaires can be used in extreme conditions and even at high temperatures.


With this luminaire are unique incomparible lighting parameters achieved. Ideal for installation in shelf aisles and especially in high mounting heights up to 12 meters. There are two types of optics installed in the luminaire. Due to their different light distribution characteristics, the luminaire is able to efficiently illuminate not only the aisle pathway, but also the vertical wall shelving to illuminate the product in the shelves.

In order to ensure low glare level (UGR) in doublepower!! RAY luminaires the LED modules are embedded into the body of the luminaire’s. There are a number of low-wattage LED chip’s installed in doublepower!! RAY and each LED chip is covered by it’s own optic. More than that there is sufficient space between optics and LED chip’s. The light radiated from a very small space in a too big density, which further contributes a low glare factor.

Thermal management, protection rating

termo-rayAs well as in case of doublepower!! TREE, unique design features are applied in case of doublepower!! RAY. One of them is special aluminum body design with exceptional heat management, or the LED chip supply current solution.

Usually there are not so harsh conditions and high ambient temperatures in logistic halls as they can be in some production facilities. The minimal difference between ambient temperature and the temperature inside the luminaire is still extremely important in logistics – the operating conditions of LED chips and electronics are very comfortable. Thus exceptional life-time and long term sustainability of lighting conditions are ensured.

From many experiences from logistical installations we know that even in a common logistic operations luminaries without sufficient cover protection are subject to dust and impurities.

This reduces their efficiency and increases the likelihood of defects. Therefore, we provide doublepower!! RAY luminaires with IP54 protection.